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rockets !!

No description

parsa lalianpour

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of rockets !!

By: Parsa Lalianpour
Fuel tank
Oxidizer tank
How does it help?
What are the harms?
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
So reactive, no oxidiser needed
human respiratory stress
and damages many plants
gasoline consist of over 250 diverse hydrocarbons
Many of these are toxic
Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas produced by incomplete combustion. Gasoline rockets have incomplete combustion problems
is non-toxic,
but contributes to the greenhouse effect
gives the ability to stop and restart the motor
extremely toxic!
Breathing it can cause dizziness.

it can be absorbed through skin, which will cause serious lung and kidney problems.
Gases released :
Severe over-exposure can result in death
what has science done?
new types of fuel
liquid hydrogen+liquid oxygen=100% water vapor!
No toxic, or harmful gasses.
The most powerful fuel ever used
The lightest fuel ever used
Has to be strong enough to hold the rocket together,
Be as light as possible
Early rockets:
New rockets
-used aluminum,
very light
very powerful
one of the only metals known to get stronger (not brittle) when exposed to low temperatures
-alloy of titanium, aluminum and vanadium
-carbon fiber
much lighter than aluminum
stronger than aluminum
space shuttle is mostly made with these two
effects on the society
launching a rocket needs lots of time, technology and money. so launching it successfully is a very big achievement, and has a very big impact on the politics of a country
The new fuels and materials introduced make it easier and cheaper to make rockets, and allow more launches.
more countries can make rockets, and start their own experiments
Moral, Environmental
science has helped rockets get lighter,
and with less pollution
these two factors effect the environment, and morality, because the new rockets are now more environmentally friendly, which reduces acid rain, global warming, death, etc.
This also affects morality because its not right to do all the harms to the environment just to launch a rocket. But new rockets don't harm as much, making them better .
Thanks for watching! :)
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