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No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of How FRIENDS and Things You LOVE are WONDERFUL

When Roger tried to steal Mrs Jones purse, he was honest about it. When Mrs. Jones brought him back to her house, he was thankful that she fed him dinner and let him wash his face. After dinner, Roger was going go leave. Mrs. Jones stopped him and gave him $10, so he could buy some brand new blue suede shoes.
My Dog, Flip
The Idea of 365 Days Wonder
Having Friends and being yourself is wonderful because your friends will love you even more. If you're kind and don't judge people, they will be kind to you back. If people judge you, don't listen to them. If people see you don't care about what they say, they will stop and may even be nice to you. Being kind is the way to go if you want a happy life.
August Pullman
August is a character in the book 365 Days of Wonder. He has many problems in his life. In his first year of school that is not at home, people gave him a hard time. 365 Days of Wonder is an amazing book because, it's a strong, emotional book. There are many emotions, especially when August gets a note from Julian. It is just such an amazing book.
My dog was wonderful because he liked me to do everything for him. I didn't mind. I loved him too much. He wasn't aggressive towards me. He also loved doing everything with me. He loved it when I said "walk," because he knew what that meant. WALK TIME!!!
365 Days of Wonder
365 of Wonder is a book of precepts.
It's about being yourself , and being kind to other people who could be having a hard time. In the book Julian, feels bad for what he did so he wrote August a note apologizing for giving him a hard time in school. If you've given some one a hard time, It's good to write a note saying sorry. Even the meanest people can become one of your greatest friends in your life.
My best friends, Sarah
and Alessa
My best friends are wonderful because they help me get through hard times and I do the same for them. They are very fun to hang out with. We also help each other when we need help. That's why they're my best friends. They are very Amazing
How my Family is Wonderful
My family is wonderful because, they teach me things I need to know. They help me through hard times. And they love me very much. I love my family!!
Don Schoendorfer
Don is wonderful because he has helped very many people get wheelchairs who need them. Made out of simple items, the people get the help they need in life.
Horses are wonderful because they inspire me to do art. Also they are absolutely my favorite animal in the universe. They are also wonderful because they are beautiful.
Fireheart is one of my favorite book characters. When the other cats judged him he came through and became one of the greatest warriors ever!
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