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Rube Goldberg Device

simple potential to kinetic energy conversions

Ariana Reyes

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Rube Goldberg Device

The swinging pendulum
will go back and forth. Hitting the book, causing a chain reaction The last book will fall, slide down, and hit, cup #1, filled all the way with water Causing it to tip over and pour the water into cup #2 causing cup #2 to drop down and at the same time pulling the string down The switch to turn on! causing 1.Explain what type of energy system (open, closed or isolated) is represented by the lab device and why? written description: Answer: Issolated and open:The clock is issolated, the cups are open, the books are closed, the hood of the lamp is open, and the light bulb is issolated 2. In the lesson a thermos is presented as an example of an isolated energy system. How could you change the thermos into an open energy system? Answer: To change the thermous into an open energy system, take off the the cap. 3. Describe how the law of conservation of energy is demonstrated in the device you created. Answer: 1. Give three examples, from the lab, where potential energy was converted to kinetic energy. 2. Describe the adjustments you made to the Rube Goldberg device in order to keep the flow of energy going. Answer: Answer: Rube Goldberg Device energy lab worksheet 1.05 The red ball was a potentiol energy, till it was hit by the pendulum converting it into kenetic energy, The 5 pounds was in potential energy, till it was cut by sciccors and became kinetic energy, and the bucket was potential energy till the books landed in it causing it to fall, kinetic energy. First I tilt the board, so that the ball can roll down and into the tube. Second, I tied the weight to one of the shelves, so the scissors can cut the string, causing the 5 pounds to fall. Third I tilt the sea-saw with the ball, so that the weight can land on it causing the ball to fly and hit the latch. Fourth, I connected the sling to the latch, so that the ball can strike the books causing a chain reaction. Last, I tied the string to the bucket, so that the book can land in it, causing the bucket to drop, and pull the string that is connected to it, that will release the window shade. Part 1 Part 2 let there be light! 4. Describe two places in your device where potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. Answer: The mass the height and the
accleration that are due to gravity in
the pendulum, the books,and
the cups When the pendulum hit the potential books, turning them into
kinetic energy, and the the book hits potential cup
filled with water,tunring it into kinetic enegy. By: Ariana Reyes
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