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My Australian Community : The Newcastle Knights

No description

Hannah D

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of My Australian Community : The Newcastle Knights

My Australian Community : The Newcastle Knights. By
Hannah Dudding

Part B
The Knights community have experienced a lot of changes over the past couple of years. One of the changes was the changing of coaches in April 2011, when Wayne Bennett said that he would be replacing Rick Stone as the Knights coach at the start of the 2012 season on a four year contract. As Wayne Bennett is a Australian-known 'supercoach' for bring teams premierships, the community took the news very well.
Hunter Stadium has been through many changes which has effected the community. One being the name change. It started as the Newcastle International Sports Centre, changing to Marathon Stadium, to EnergyAustralia Stadium and then Ausgrid Stadium. Another change to the stadium was the development to the Western Grandstand. Over 4 years, they worked on the grandstand to make it bigger and have move avaliable seats. The new grandstand features 13,500 seats, 20 corporate suites, 5 function rooms, 8 food and beverage outlets as well as world renowned player changing rooms and media facilites.
One other change that had affected the community was the change of players over the years. For example, as Wayne Bennett came in 2012, we got some players added like Darius Boyd, Danny Buderus, Willie 'Big Willie' Mason, Dane Gagai, Alex McKinnon, Adam Cumbertson and more. The adding of the players helped the Knights more, as the players were strong and some have played for years. 3 of the players had followed Wayne Bennett from the St. George Illawarra Dragons.
The name of the community is the Newcastle Knights, a sporting community. The location is Hunter Stadium which is located at 294 Turton Road, New Lambton (32.9°S, 151.7° E)
Part C
The impacts of the changes experienced by this community has all been positive. Wayne Bennett got the Knights into top Eight. The stadium has helped more people be able to come and see the game and have a bigger number of seats. The players added in 2012 has helped us with big wins against heaps of teams and also helped to inspire kids with dreams becoming football players, as well as the older players.

Thanks for watching my presentation!
People know about the knights from their colours (red and blue), the chants, and from their fans that have been following the Knights for years.
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