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Android Application Development Courses and Certifications

Available at Prezzip.com. The Creative Idea prezi template. It starts with you, be creative.

computek training center

on 18 June 2016

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Transcript of Android Application Development Courses and Certifications

Android training
ATC applications

the value of Android
applications in the
world of telecommunications
are increasing Rabidly !!
make money with your application
design and build a complete Android™ application
the life-cycle of Android
Build more secure and more robust applications
Android devices are increasing & developing very fast worldwide
Java Fundamentals for Android™ Development
Android™ Application Development
Exam AND-401
Android™ Security Essentials
Exam AND-402
Monetize Android™ Applications
Exam AND-403
Writing, compiling, and running basic Java applications
are you ready ?
Excited ? start Now !
Computek Delivers
4 certified android
Courses to become

Android Certified Application Engineer
First Prerequisite Course
4o Hours
3 Certification courses
Benefits :
Android ATC Official Material
Android ATC Official certificate of completion
Android International exams ( certificate and ID card)
Android Certified Trainer
Android’s background
processing techniques
see full details of android courses
on our web site
This course is designed for
software developers or anyone
interested in building Android

computer programming
experience in any language
is required before taking
this courses
who is this
training for ?
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