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Drone Reg

No description

Dylan Gntl

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Drone Reg

-Gentile, Dotson, Calvin, Burleson
Drone Regulation and Registration
Reg. Requirements
New laws imposed for "safety purposes"

Also used for liability purposes

Also used in case of loss of drone
Legally speaking, you are not registering the drone, but instead are registering yourself as the pilot of said drone.
Upon registration you will be given a unique ID # that you put on all your UAV's

Registration costs $5 but to encourage more people to register it will be refunded within 5 days.

If your aircraft is used exclusively for hobby and rec. you can register online on the FAA website

Public operations or civil aircraft must be registered under 14 CFR Part 47
-AC Form 8050-1
-Form AFS-750-94
Send your Registration documents to the FAA, Aircraft Registration Branch
How do I register?
+Over .55 lbs-55lbs
+Used for anything other
than hobby and rec.
+Over the age of 13
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