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Killer Plagues

No description

erika steinger

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Killer Plagues

Killer Plagues
(5 minutes) Do Now:
Complete the following sentence:

If smallpox is
, that means the disease....
Prepared for Smallpox
As you watch the video, answer the following questions
in your notebook:

Prepared for Smallpox
U.S. Stores Vaccine for Entire Population
Oral Close:
Read along silently, and be prepared to tell what the article is mostly about. When I pause, say the next word aloud.
Write three sentences in your notebook about a time when you had something that was
EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
This article is mostly about...
If it rains today, it is
FEASIBLE= Possible
Going to school on Sunday isn't
goal for this school year is that I will...
Prepared for Smallpox
Oral close 2
The bold text (January 1, 2010) is called the dateline. Newspaper articles use datelines to tell when or where the article was written. To find the
in a news article, look just below the headline.
Draw Conclusions
: The article tells us that smallpox has been around for centuries, which means hundreds of years. The vaccine was developed in 1796 and the disease was wiped out in 1977. What does this tell us about smallpox?
React and Write
Complete the following frame (2 minutes):
If smallpox got into the wrong hands, it would be ...... because the disease is ....... .
The news article (title) describes how (topic).

The author explains that (important detail).
1. How did they prepare themselves for smallpox?

3. Why is smallpox a threat?
2. What could they have done
A Killer Without A Cure
A Killer Without A Cure
Lesson EQ: Can doctors stop these deadly and contagious diseases?
Do Now: Complete the following sentences.

disease is difficult to fight because...

of an infectious disease can be...
A Killer Without A Cure
Can doctors stop this deadly disease?
1st Reading: Oral Close
Follow along in your books. When I pause, say the next work aloud.
Be prepared to tell what the magazine article is mostly about.
This article is mostly about...
A KILLER Without A Cure
Vocabulary: Target Word
EXPOSE (verb)- to leave
without protection
If people expose themselves to a disease, they risk...
If you don't want to expose yourself to the sun, you should...
2nd Oral Close: Follow along in your books.
Would you rather investigate disease in a laboratory or treat patients in a hospital? Why?
React and Write
React and Write
Because diseases are....., I would rather....
*Helpful words: contagious, dangerous, harmful, interesting*
Video: A Killer Without A Cure
Watch the video and answer the following questions in your notebook:

What are some symptoms of the Ebola virus?

Why is Ebola such a threat?
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