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The Tortilla Curtain - Kyra und Delaney Mossbacher Characterization

No description

Paul Lübke

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of The Tortilla Curtain - Kyra und Delaney Mossbacher Characterization

has no problem with his wife earning the money
member in democratic party
liberal humanist (p.3) [tolerates immigrants]
he and his wife live in an healthy way
naturalist, member in welfare clubs Final view wants to arrest Cándido (p.332)
Delaney thinks that he needs a gun (p.342)
he has got the will to end Cándidos life when he stayed in front of their hut with his gun (p.351)
Delaney connects all bad incidents with Cándido
Accepts the wall after a while
Thinks that the Mexican immigrants are the reason for the area-change of the coyotes and the environmental pollution with the consequences of natural catastrophes Characterization of the American Couple
(The change of their attitudes) The Tortilla Curtain First impressions his first thoughts while the accident are about his loved car and his good-driver discount at his car-insurance (p.4)
he is ashamed of himself for not thinking about the human he hit (p.5)
he hates the pollution of rivers and trails by illegal campers (p.11)
feels frightened when black car follows him (p.64) Road to racism - Phase 1 Initial attitude First impressions His road to racism Final view General attitude immigrants are the "lifeblood of the country"(p. 100)
they have founded the country
there is no difference between them and him
they will assimilate as the other nations did
building a gate is totally absurd
it is a huge cultural step backwards

[ “Everybody’s an immigrant from somewhere” (p. 102) ]
[ “That’s racist, Jack, and you know it” (p. 101) ] Attitude towards immigrants(Hispanics) Thank you for your attention

a presentation by Marc Auerswald, Steffen Heuckeroth and Paul Lübke he lies to the mechanic to cover himself (p. 13)
is glad of leaving him behind (p. 13)
when he is being followed by a black car he rethinks about the gate (p. 64)
when Cándido is attacked by a trucker he hopes him to be crushed
later thinks that the car accident was faked Road to racism - Phase 2 finds sleeping bags and environmental pollution (p. 113)
meets José and his friend and wants to hustle them back to their "slums, favelas, barrios, whatever they called them"
when his car gets stolen he stereotypes Cándido to a general Mexican (p. 120)
later, instead of going for a hike, he hides in the bushes and observes his car (p. 155-156)
José and his friend threaten Kyra which disturbes Delaney and his wife
refuses to sign a petition against the wall
accuses José for the fire without any evidence emancipated woman, earns the money for the family
lives very healthy

is shocked of her dogs taken by coyotes
wants the gate due to protection
gets very upset when José threatens her
focused on her job and profit
sees the problem in the Mexicans

makes them responsible for everything that happened to her
in the end she does not play any role
we do not know if she changed again Overview about Kyra Overview about Kyra Conclusion Conclusion At the beginning of the book Delaney is a liberal humanist but in the end he turns in to a reactonary racist.

This development starts with the car accident at the beginning of the book and ends with him accusing José for the burning forest. Before this occasion he always thinks about how he can arrange his decisions with his liberal attitude, but this case he does not.

The main influences have been the car accident, the threatment of his wife by José, the theft of his car and the previously encounter with José. Sources Sources The Tortilla Curtain (book)
ulricianum-aurich.de/en22l/hope/tortilla/ (internet)
Interpretationshilfe Englisch / T.C. BOYLE: The Tortilla Curtain (book)
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