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Slaves Compared To The Life Of A Planner

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Gene Monahan

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Slaves Compared To The Life Of A Planner

Slaves Compared To The Life Of A Planter

By:Molly Mohler
Even though slaves did most if the work some planters did a little bit of the work, but mostly the slaves

Slaves: "Allowed slaves

approximately one bushel of corn each week."
Planter : Don't have to have someone give to them what they have to eat".
Slave: "allowance of corn and one salt herring each day"
Planters: "they can get what they need anytime they want and not by an allowance."

Slaves:"Had to hand mill there own food."
Planters : Had a house slave, to make there food for them.

both had to survive though the

civil war , some died some stayed alive
Info Box
Where the slaves lived they did not have air conditioning


they still worked durning the civil war
They both live by where they worked
Info Box
The slave had very different clothes in different places for example in Europe they say the cloth was very uncomfortable. Boys would wear breeds ,shorts or pants. Girls they wear adult dress as they mature.They also wear pain leather shoes and sometimes hats. Some stole or saved money to purchased clothes.
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