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Copy of daramalan prezi RE

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Olivia Thompson

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of daramalan prezi RE

The MSC were founded in France in 1854 by jules chevalier. The abreviation comes from the latin words missionarri sacritissimi cordis.
MSC history
MSC history
MSC history
Chevalier was often upset when he saw how people suffered from his evils. The MSC's motto is may the sacred heart of jesus be loved everywhere.
Garratt Wing: Sports centre and health classrooms.

Mcmahon Wing:Named after the first principal fr john mcmahon.
Ross Wing:Named after a founding teacher. RE classrooms in this wing.

Naughton Wing: named after another founding teacher,houses MSC residents.

littleton wing: named after fr terry naughton, maths and RE classrooms in this wing

reid wing: name after mrs jean reid, who started the LSP. language classrooms in this wing
Lysaught Wing: Named after a founding teacher, br lysaught.

Sharpe Wing: All of the co-corricular classes are housed in this wing.
Mcowage: Has the hall and some drama classrooms in it.Named after the second principal J. mcowage.
about daramalan
About Daramalan
Darmalan comes from the aboriginal word 'daramala' which means eagle people. From this we now are called eagle people because an eagle is our main symbol.
About Daramalan
Daramalans motto fortes in fide means 'strong in faith'. This means a lot to Daramalan and everyone knows our motto 'fortes in fide' .
About Daramalan
Daramalan first opened to boys in 1962 and was only for boys from years 5-12 but it is now coed 7-12

In this prezi we hope you learn all about the daramalan family (eagle people). We will take you on a journey through all of the great aspects daramalan has to offer.
MSC history
Pastrol Tutors
Every morning you go to PT with people from your house colour. You give you PT all of your notes and they read the daily notices.Each PT is only your year.
Pastrol Care Advisors
Your PCA comes to PT class every even wednesday to have PC time. You use this time to get to know your PT group. If you have problems with teachers, classes or other students you can talk to your PCA about it.
the Crown
The Motto
The Cairn of Stones
The Red Eagle
the crown represents mother mary's interest for the school
The Eagle
from 2003-2008 david garratt was the principal of daramalan. when he left our current principal ms Rita Daniels.
Daramalan college has had 8 principals including our current principal, Ms Rita Daniels.
The first principal john mcmahon was the principal from 1962-1963. The next principal was John McCowage, he was principal twice first from 1964-1970 and second from 1980-1982.
In between principal mcmahons time as principal fr jim littleton was principal from 1971-1979.From 1983-1988 Fr.R. Irwin was principal.
the fifth principal of daramalan was father uhr, he was the principal for 8 years,(1989-1997). f. fulton became principal in 1998 and he left in 2002.
Co-Curricular here at Daramalan
At daramalan children can participate in many school bands such as the
jazz band
concert band
string ensemble
Along side all those bands the children can also play an instrument through the school and have lessons
Sport is a big part of Daramalan and we are quite well known when it comes sport. The older children at daramalan can also coach the younger sporting teams which is great because they both have a chance to meet some new people through sport here at Daramalan.
Some sports available at Dara
And they are just some of the great sports that are available.
More co-curricular
Not only is Daramalan big on sport there are also may other opportunities here such as drama, photography, debating, the daramalan theatre company and many other co-curricular opportunities for the non sport lovers or people who want to try new things.
Not only are there co-curricular activities
for outside of school there ar also electives you can do from years 8-12. In year 7 you do electives but the teachers chose them for you. Some electives you can do are food tech, design and technology, textiles, dance, drama, music and many other fun electives.
the cairn of stomes represents that the stones are locked together and cannot be destroyed
the eagle represents that god is always watching over the children of god particularly the youth, which is the students of daramalan
the motto of daramalan is ' fortes in fide' which means strong in faith. it is symbolised on the bottom of the crest
the red colour of the eagle represents the colour of the youth which is red
house colours
house colours
goolagong and lawson
cuthbert (orange)
house colours
there are 8 house colours in daramalan. you compete in all sporting events in your house colours and in year 7 you are split up into two banks by your house colours
cuthbert and farrer
farrer (green)
goolagong (red)
lawson (yellow)
merrick (black)
lyons (purple)
phillip (blue)
o'brien (white)
chevalier founded the MSC so that its member could live with the sacred heart of jesus
dempsey wing: has a couple more science classrooms
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