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Painting the School Red, Turquoise, Fuscha, and Every Color in Between

Changing the Insides of FC

Melissa St John

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Painting the School Red, Turquoise, Fuscha, and Every Color in Between

Painting the School Red, Turquoise, Fuscha, and Every Color in Between; Changing the Insides of FC what exactly did I do? For My senior project, I started the First Colonial Mural Club. In mural club, I organized a group of friends and artists so we could change our school's bland walls. We worked together to finish a mural that was designed by me. Through lots of hard work, the mural started to resemble my original plan. My senior project was a serious challenge. Organizing a group of people has never been my strong point, and the mural itself was a difficult task. But after weeks of meetings and so much help from some of my closest friends, we were finished! the mural was hung up over one of the steel panels in the cafeteria that is part of the windows. By Melissa St John I was so happy! we were done! Gaby Grune I couldn't have done any of this without... Alex Darling Aaron St John Miles Vick Kasey Miller Mr. Butts Or the Administration here at First Colonial! The End The walls of First Colonial High School are a boring, bland blue. I was tired of seeing our school look so dry. With the wide variety of people here at First Colonial, it seems like there could be more color going on in our school, but the only groups trying to bring out some color is NHS with the benches in the cortyard and Mr. Butts painting the Feildhouse on his own. SO... I have never held a leadership postition in an after school activity before, so starting a new club was a huge step for me. We used a lot of paint, food, and time.... And What About that Paper? Graffiti, especially complicated graffiti murals, has always fascinated me. I researched a way for graffiti to be preseved in some legal way as a cultural artifact because I love the style and history of the art form. Under our current laws, graffiti on public or private property is considered vandalisim. However, if graffiti artists took the same approach to painting their graffiti murals as I took with getting permission to paint in our school, the unique style of graffiti could be preserved. Through this project, I think I've learned how to be a leader. I feel more responsible and having people turn to me for leadership was a suprisingly positve change. Any Questions? After 8 weeks of meetings, the colors started to work together to create our image. We used foamcore Board, Acryllic Paint, Velcro, and Tempra Paint.
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