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Marketing Planning

No description

Adriana Sousa

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Planning

Target Competitors
Distribution Channels
Promotion & Communication The Product Mobile Energy Price ~200€ Logotype Need Satisfaction Resources Identifying meaningfully different groups of customers. TARGETING Students
Business Executives
Travelers SEGMENTATION POSITIONING Quality Positioning
Positioning and Sales Location
Positioning through price
Positioning in Advertisements
Competitive Positioning MARKETING PLANNING

Adriana Sousa
Ana Rita Dinis
Gustavo Carvalho
Raquel Figueiredo Marques
Samir Menezes Group Members DEPARTMENT
STORES Airports Bus Stations Train Stations Service Stations RETAILERS E-commerce Websites MOBILE ENERGY® gives me the ability to stay connected anywhere at any time. The idea of autonomy that it conveys to me, makes me feel secure, supported, and free to continue to study and work without worrying about the battery life of my electronic devices. Moreover, MOBILE ENERGY® gives me extensive technical support, which is decisive for me to believe that I made the best choice. POSITIONING POSITIONING POSITIONING CONSUMER PERCEPTION What is our product? What kind of need are
we going to satisfy? Product
Prototype With whom are we
going to compete? Who is going to buy
the product? Why? Need Explanation
Price Prototype PROMOTION In the early stage of selling the product:
Sales Promotion
Guerrilla Marketing – electrical outlet in target places
Campaign outdoors – Portugal in bus stops and near stations
Internet advertising – Facebook, Google Adwords and Facebbok Ads, Viral Marketing Advertising & Publicity Sales Promotion Special prices for buying the device
Discounts: device plus briefcase SWOT
Analysis Strengths •Product flexibility (it could be incorporated in other object with different utilities)
•Battery design (lightweight)
•Higher levels of devices protection
•Product with double utility has a fashionable accessory
•Easy to transport
•Battery life have well above average duration Weaknesses •High R&D investments (in achieving both lightweight and storage capacity for the unique performance)
•High costs for the accessory designers
•Need to charge before long trips
•Electricity dependency
•Less storage space in the briefcase
•Higher price
•Need to bring specific power inputs for specific electronic products Opportunities •Globalization (product diffusion and acquisition)
•Innovation (batteries R&D are in constant development)
•New energy sources development
•Technology generation (which increases the number of electronic devices usage)
•Increasing usage of long trips public transports, like trains and aviation
•Higher purchase power of emerging markets population
•High population growth rate
•New life style (people work more outside home and office – more trips) Threats •Wireless charging development Public transports charging stations •Increasing autonomy capacity of electric products (e.g. laptops) Consumer Perception Competitor's Price Importance Willingness to Pay 1 - 3 Product
& Branding Levels of Product Product Classification Durable product – is used over an extended time and may last for years.
Shopping product – (process of selection, compared on bases of quality, suitability, price and style, by meeting the personality of each client, either it is an irreverent, traditional or classic taste.

Less frequent purchase, much planning and shopping effort, comparison of brands on price, quality, style
Higher price
Selective distribution in fewer outlets
Advertising and personal selling by both producer and resellers Product Attributes Product quality Quality
Easy of operation
Innovation Product Features Long battery life
Light Weight
Several energy inputs: Samsung and Nokia smartphones entries; USB; micro USB; mini USB; electrical outlet Product Style and Design (Differentiation Factor) Name Symbol Product Quality Trust
Shopper Efficiency Powerful
Protection for unique production Innovation Branding Product Line Product line stretching

Two-way stretch - address different segments of the market
1st step: Downward stretch
Mobile Energy initially will be located at the top end of the market and then ‘stretches’ downwards. Launching a low-cost suitcase.
2nd step: Upward stretch
Launch a premium battery, with more battery life, or more entries.
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