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LEGO Prevent Flooding

No description

Newcastle PARTNERS

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of LEGO Prevent Flooding

Why do floods happen?
When water overflows normally dry land
Now we will build a flood defense system!
In the real world...

information scientists
will all be involved
Prevent Flooding
What are we going to do today
How floods happen and the consequences
How flooding is prevented in real life
Learn how to build and programme a floodgate to control water levels
Look at real world applications
Impact of flooding
Design an automatic LEGO floodgate to control water according to various precipitation patterns
Hundred-year floods
theoretically occur once a century
(in reality this is a 1% chance on any given year)

Hundred-year floods are occurring more regularly due to
global climate change

damage to bridges
damage to houses
damage to cars
damage to crops and farmland
can carry diseases from water contamination
You will need:
Groups of 3/4
1 LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set
1 iPad WeDo Programming App
1 instruction pack
Teamwork, communication and problem solving skills are important!
Does your defense work?
drowning risk
Computer modeling
allows predictions to be made to see where floods will occur and how severe they're likely to be

Prediction, prevention of damage, security
Streams or rivers bursting their banks, excessive rainfall, rapid ice melting, ruptured dams, storms
Programming your model to open and close the flood gate
When water reaches a certain level,the gates open allowing the water to flow through and prevent flooding of the river
What is programming?
Why is programming important?
Programming is the process of sending a series of commands to a computer to achieve a specific task
What are some examples?
This program will display the image of the rain and turn the motor on one way for 2 sec.

Then it will display the image of the sun and turn the motor on the other way for 2 sec.
WeDo 2.0 Programming App
Run the programme
Power the motor for 1
Display picture 7
Turn the motor left
Keep motor on for 2
Examples of STEM Courses at Newcastle University

Marine Biology
Earth Sciences
Medicinal Chemistry
Computer Science
Electrical and Electronic
Geographic Information Science
More information...

PARTNERS programme - reduced offer
Password 3255
Ruth, 22, Junior Game Mechanics Programmer
Studying a postgraduate degree at Newcastle University
“I started a career in gaming firstly because I really enjoyed playing video games, and have done so since a very young age."
Worked on the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 and The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game
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