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Crown The Empire

No description

tiffany rivera

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Crown The Empire

Genre: Metal core
music takes a listener on a wild ride of epic proportions.
most of them met at a high school called Colley ville heritage.
formed when Brandon and Austin decided to start jamming together.
formed in Dallas, Texas in 2010
The Fallout
based on Romeo & Juliet
how two people have family who hate each other.
oh, catastrophe
The Fallout part 2
Each album has a theme
the heavy parts, the aggressive vocals are breaking down the end of the world.
The guitars and kick drums represent the explosions
it's suppose to be the destruction of world end.
two star-crossed lovers separated by family rather then be united with love.
consists of heavy breakdowns
poppy versus/huge
picked up by the record label Rise Records (march,2012)
each album carries on a scene
sold over 60,000 copies
Andrew Velasquez
David Escamilla
Ben Suede
Brent Taddie
Brandon Hoover
By: Tiffany Rivera
Crown The Empire
Hayden Tree
Goal of music
The Fallout
The Resistance: Rise of
performed at Vans Warped Tour
Barone 7th member, song writer
What each band member is about?
played classical guitar at 9 yrs old. started 1st band at 14.
found by crown the empire at 17.
Benn suede is a producer, audio engineer and model. (lead guitarist)
real name is bennett volgeman
born in washing, july 19,1994
Andrew vasquez "andy Leo"
he was self proclaimed "geeky dude."
happend to meet his friends and band members during high school and formed the band in 2010
born in dallas texas, may 1, 1994
Brandon Hoover
before fame he was a life guard at an indoor water park during high school.
born january 10,1993
David Escamilla
brent t
played drums at the age of 8
left college at 27 yrs old for CTE; had a year left of school.
born in Indiana, Pennsylvania
only child
b-day December 21,1989
born Feb. 16, 1993
started playing lead guitar before benn took role in 2011.
used to play highest level of travel hockey
was getting scouted by jr and college teams around the United States.
has a unique way of interacting with fans
newest member
believes in sounding better with 2 singers/screamers
is 22 yrs old from Dallas, Texas
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