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What are displacement reactions?

No description

D. O'Keeffe

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of What are displacement reactions?

Reactivity Series
You are going to investigate metal displacement reactions
Key words: reactivity series, displacement reactions, sulfate
Criminal Metals
What is going on in this cartoon?
Learning objectives

: Create word equations for displacement reactions.

: Investigate metal displacement reactions.

: Solve reaction riddles using the reactivity series
Reactions between metals, water, oxygen and acid can be used to put metals into a reactivity series
1) Emily O'C, Sarah, Josh, Daniel

2) Tate, Tim, Guy, Louie

3) Abi, Daisy, Jack K

4) Tom, Seth, Alyssa, Ella
5) Sara, Lucy, Lucas, Curtis

6) Ethan, Emily C, Merle

7) Jimmy, Alex, Jack B, Milovan
Criminal Metals
Iron is more reactive than copper
Iron will displace copper from its compounds when they react
Iron + Copper sulfate > Iron sulfate + Copper
The iron has displaced copper from its sulfate compound
1) Metals are part of a reactivity series where some metals are more reactive than others

2) More reactive metals will displace less reactive metals from their compounds

3) The sulfate molecule is made of 1 sulfur atom and 4 oxygen atoms SO
For each reaction in your books write down:

a) Whether a displacement reaction take place (Y/N)
b) If yes write down the word equation for the reaction

Ext: Write a symbol equation for each displacement reaction
1) Potassium + zinc sulphate
2) Gold + iron sulphate
3) Magnesium + Silver sulphate
House point for anyone who completes all 3 with symbol equations
Collect your equiment:

A spotting tray
The table to fill in
1) Set up the spotting tile as in the diagram
2) Add the metal sufhates as shown in the diagram
3) Record on your table whether a displacement reaction takes place.
Lv.7 Reaction Riddles
Less reactive than rubidium but I could displace copper.

My reaction with water is a total showstopper.
I could displace gold, silver but not zinc.

I am the only metal you could feasibly drink!
(not advised)
My sulfate is stolen by iron, zinc and potassium.

At least I'm the only one given to a champion.
I burn so brightly its best to look away.

But the alkali metals could displace me all day
I'm the least reactive metal the world has ever known.

Displaced even by gold, im nearly always alone.
Magnesium, zinc, copper and iron.

Who gets the sulfate if all of us were tryin'?
Extension Task
Why would blocks of magnesium protect the hull of a ship made of iron?

1) Displacment reaction? Yes
Potassium + Zinc sulfate > Potassium sulfate + zinc
2) Displacement reaction: No
3) Displacement reaction? Yes
Magnesium + Silver sulfate > Magnesium sulfate + Silver
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