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The Trapezoidal Rule

No description

Meghan Benson

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of The Trapezoidal Rule

The Trapezoidal Rule Evaluating definite integrals is not always easy or possible analytically! So we look to numerical approaches such as... Reimann Sums: Left-hand sum Right-hand sum Midpoint Rule Trapezoidal Rule Warm-Up: Find the exact value of the definite integral. Then estimate by finding the Left and Right-hand sums. Area of a Trapezoid... A=h[(b1+b2)/2] Use the Trapezoid Rule to estimate the number of square meters of land in a lot where x and y are measured in meters, as shown. (The roads meet at right angles.) If a function f is concave upward on the interval [a,b], will the Trapezoidal Rule produce a result greater than or less than the exact value of the definite integral?

Compare the Left-hand sum, Right-hand sum, and Trapezoidal Rule. What is their relationship?
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