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Parent Night

Introduction to class for parents

Peg Hartwig

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Parent Night

edmodo.com Honors Algebra II
Mrs. Peg Hartwig Assessments Formative Summative Classroom climate Resources & Tools ST E M 21st Century Learners ience echnology ngineering ath NBCT A -YA Mathematics
2010 Siemens STEM Fellow
2011 Siemens STEM
Instruction Team Member flip cameras graphing calculator TI tools & Probes District Grading & Retake Policy Graphing notebook! Paired Seating Continuous
Peer coaching & Support Interactive Lessons More Problems with ANSWERS! Practice tests 21st Century Careers STEM PROJECT One Each Semester
option to semester exam Wikis My goal is to have students become 21st C. learners with international STEM experiences,
Publishing their creations Online. Parent Support Chronic Incomplete Homework Prezi District email for students! Computers Peer Tutors Labs & Formal exams
Learning Sequence
notes & assignments class work
Home work
class discussion Given the day before the
Summative glenco.com Text Books practice tests, worksheets
HOT MATH Online Tutoring HOT MATH iPad2's http://stemagicwi.wikispaces.com/ Access Available! Edmodo Parent access Exam Preparation Mobile devices welcome
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