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No description

David Paarlberg-Kvam

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of NYSSRA NORDIC


NYSSRA President

NYSSRA Vice President 1
NYSSRA Vice President 2
NYSSRA Secretary

NYSSRA Treasurer

NYSSRA Past President
Web Coordinator
Sanctioning Coordinator
Insurance Consultant
High School Liason
The NYSSRA high school
liason is responsible for
reaching out to high school
nordic ski coaches to make
them aware of the opportunities for junior level skiers in NY. This duty will involve emailing and sharing
club information with
interested coaches. The high school liason should be responsible for collecting the results from high school nordic races, formatting them into pdf format and sending them to the web coordinator.

Currently filled by:
Lisa Forshey
The NYSSRA Insurance
consultant should have
a good understanding of
the NYSSRA insurance
policy and the provider,
cost structure and policy
wording. Should be able
to advise the NYSSRA
Board on insurance policy

Currently filled by:
Sean Halligan
The NYSSRA Sanctioning
Coordinator should be willing
to accept and file club requests
for Certificate of Insurances,
mail fees to the Treasurer,
contact race leaders for any
incomplete event information
and add fully sanctioned
events to the official
organization Google

Currently filled by:
Ed Luban
The NYSSRA Web Coordinator
is responsible for making sure
all active links on the NYSSRA web
platform are up to date. This
involves working with contributing
entities that feed content into the
NYSSRA website (NY Biathlon,
Ski-Orienteering Committee, clubs)
to ensure they have up to date
information available for NYSSRA
members. As clubs are
added or subtracted the website
needs to reflect these changes.
The Web Coordinator should have
knowledge of updating standard
html pages, php pages, and updating
the NYSSRA nordic wordpress blog.
This person is also responsible for
linking current results, maintaining
the results archive, linking high school
results and sharing images on the

Currently filled by:
David Paarlberg-Kvam
The NYSSRA Past President's role
is to coordinate with the Empire State
Games planning committee and work
with event planners to run the nordic events associated with this weekend in Lake Placid.

The planning for the Empire State Games weekend should include coordinating: The Tournado Mini Tour, the Ski-Orienteering Events, the
Biathlon events, and the "Try-it" for
charity race held as part of this weekend.

The Past President also serves in an
advisory role to the current President.

Currently filled by:
Darwin Roosa
The NYSSRA Vice President 1 is responsible
for communcating with NYSSRA club leaders
regarding the schedule and race planning.
This person works with the Sanctioning
Coordinator to make sure that by November
1st, the NYSSRA Google race calendar is up
to date and provides active registration
links for sanctioned events.

This person is also in charge of the Club
Support review process. He/She is
responsible for working with club leaders
who submit applications for a Club Support
grant prior to the Spring NYSSRA teleconference.
The application and evidences must be reviewed
and submitted to the NYSSRA board.

Currently filled by:
Tim Huneck
The NYSSRA Vice President 2 is responsible
for disseminating information about upcoming
races and events on all NYSSRA social media
platforms. He/She will work with the NYSSRA
President to ensure that NYSSRA events are
promoted as much as possible. He or she will work
with the web coordinator on this effort.

This person is also responsible for making sure race
results from a NYSSRA event are compiled and emailed
to the Web Coordinator in pdf format after an event.
The results should also be shared by the NYSSRA Vice
President 2 on the NYSSRA organization facebook and
twitter platforms as soon as they are made available.

The NYSSRA Vice President 2 is also responsible for
working with the points committee chair and will serve
as a second set of eyes once a weekend race has been
scored and posted to the NYSSRA website.

Currently filled by:
Eric Seyse
Points Committee Chair
This person is responsible
for maintaining the points
list for the NYSSRA nordic
race season. This person
should have working knowledge
of spreadsheets and data entry.
The Points Committee Chair
works with the Vice President 2
to make sure that the awards and
NYSSRA giveaway items are
compiled prior to the NYSSRA
Club Championship Weekend.

This person should also tally the
points and prizes for the
Wilkinson Cup Series.

Currently filled by:
Jim Kobak
The NYSSRA Secretary role is to attend the
bi-annual meetings for NYSSRA Nordic and
take down an accurate and detailed record
of the meetings proceedings. The Secretary
should type up and submit meeting notes
to the rest of the NYSSRA board so that
they can be approved and shared with the
NYSSRA Nordic Community

The NYSSRA Secretary also maintains the
corporation's records and takes on a leadership
role in maintaining the status of NYSSRA Nordic
as a 501(c)(3) charity as outlined by the IRS
tax code. He/She must also help make
NYSSRA - Nordic a NYS registered charity in
pertinent databases
and directories.

The NYSSRA Secretary also manages the
official postbox for NYSSRA Nordic.

Currently filled by:
Eric Hamilton
The NYSSRA Treasurer is responsible
for managing the financial accounts
for NYSSRA Nordic. All Sanctioning Fees,
Head taxes, membership fees and donations
are receivedby the NYSSRA Treasurer and a
detailed record of deposits and transactions
must be maintained. Insurance payments,
grants and trip fees are paid out by the
NYSSRA Treasurer.

All trip fees for the Mid-A Junior National
Trip, the Eastern High School Championship
trip, and the U-16 Championship trip are
processed through the NYSSRA Treasurer.

Special Project Donations (ie. Coles Woods
Project) are handled by the NYSSRA Treasurer
and all accounts are managed and updated.
Detailed and current records must be made
available to NYSSRA board members upon

Currently filled by:
Lee Mahood
The Primary Responsibilty of the NYSSRA
Nordic President is to coordinate and
communicate with the efforts of the
remaining NYSSRA Board Members and
Support Team and assist them when

The NYSSRA President should focus organizing
efforts on developing the Try-It series in order
to grow participation in nordic sports and
membership in NYSSRA. To that end he/she
should work with local selected charities to
build the Try-it races.

The NYSSRA President should also work with
individual race organizers of the Wilkinson Cup
races to promote, build and enhance these events
so that they can become the regional nordic
ski event attractions for racers of all levels. This
can include but is not limited to seeking out greater
event prizes, sponsorships and press that will
entice racers from around the state and region.

The NYSSRA Nordic President is also responsible for
scheduling, planning and creating the agenda for the
Spring and Fall NYSSRA meeting.

Currently filled by:
David Paarlberg-Kvam

NYSSRA Executive Board
Support Positions communicate with Board Members

Club Leaders
Club Leaders communicate about
races and events with sanctioning
coordinator and other necessary
support volunteers. Club leaders
should seek out the help of the web
coordinator and the vice president
#2 to help promote and spread
information about club events

High School Coaches
Communications should exist between
high school coaches and NYSSRA Nordic.
When opportunities for nordic skiing and youth
development are in the community, high
school coaches should want to encourange
participation from their team. It will
develop better skiers and make student
athletes aware of nordic skiing opportunitites
after they have graduated. It will also help
educate skiers about opportunities in ski-
orienteering and biathlon (which they may not
get in school).
NYSSRA Members should communicate
with club leaders and also with NYSSRA
board members about ideas or concerns.
They should be willing and able to have an open
dialogue about NY ski racing and be aware
of the available forums to start a dialouge.

Please email nyssranordicski@gmail.com for questions
Trip Leaders
Junior trip leaders (JN's. U16
Championships, EHSC) should
communicate with support
volunteers and with the NYSSRA
board to help promote and finance
the March trips for junior athletes.

Current Trip Leaders:
Jason Hettenbaugh
Rob Hinsdill
Jeff Moore
Margaret Maher

Committee Chairs
The chair people of the biathlon, Mid-A, X/C, BKYSL and ski-orienteering committees should work with their volunteer groups to set the race schedule for their respective interests and work with the vice president #2 to share information about upcoming camps, clinics, races and events.

The Committee Chairs should work with their volunteer membership to find new ways to boost participation and visibility of their events.

Currently filled by:
Margaret Maher - Mid A
Jim Kobak - X/C
BKYSL - Eric Hamilton
Ski-O: Chris Frielinghaus
Biathlon- Carl Klossner

The individuals who fill the NYSSRA board positions are nominated by
the NYSSRA nominating committee and then voted on in the general meeting.
The NYSSRA support positions are nominated by the NYSSRA Board
The NYSSRA Nordic Executive Director has the
following responsibilities:
1) to identify and obtain ways to financially
support the work of sanctioned nordic clubs and
incentivize ways for local ski clubs to become
more active.
2)To work with Bill Koch clubs in NY to reach
elementary age kids and introduce them to the
sport of nordic skiing. This involves financial
support and promotional support.
3) To help boost trail and infrastructure around
NYS through grant writing and financial assistance
4) Serve as the communicator between NENSA and
the NYSSRA Executive Board.
5) Develop a system of accountability for the
Executive Board.

Currently filled by:

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