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No description

Maria Ieremias

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Cougars

Felis Concolor Human Impact The cougar is an endandered animal. Us humans have been taking away it's habitat, and using it to build houses, fire wood, and farm land. We hunt this animal and 2,100 cougars are killed each year. Humans are a large reason these fine animals are endangered.
PROTECT THE COUGARS!!!!!!!! Habitat The cougar has a wide expantion of habitat.
It lives in bush lands, coniferous forests, low land tropical forests, and grass lands. As long as there is food, and cover a cougar will be there. Cougars keep track of each other, but if they have an encounter they will hiss and have an agressive reaction. That doesn't happen if the cougars are in their mating season. Cougars have the biggest habitat , other than humans, and are one of the highest in the food chain. Their habitat extends from Yukon, Canada, all the way to the Andes in South America. Do to being overly hunted , and habitat loss, the cougar is endangered. Form and Function The cougar's hair varries and it depends on the region, and the climate. Some fun facts about the cougar is that it has 5 toes on their front paws, and 4 toes on the hind paw. The cougar can't roar, but it can shreik, and purr. THE END!!!!!!
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