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5 West Pain Management with Volunteers

No description

Lacey Nalla

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of 5 West Pain Management with Volunteers

Popular Activities
*5 West
*No isolation rooms
* Patients suggested by charge nurse and/or nurses

Patient Encounters

The Results
What can hospital do better?
*Took me in ASAP
* Everyone's been really nice!; great services!; Wonderful, top of the line! This hospital is the best!; I would recommend this hospital to anybody; Everyone was phenomenal!; Everything was excellent!; Very lovely kind people; I love this hospital!; Everyone seemed to care!; Excellent care
* I was impressed with how smooth the morning shift change was
* No other hospital has been this attentive to keeping my mood up
* Everything was amazing and on time
* Complimented this project/service (I love the service and how volunteers come in and help; I liked how the book and magazine cart volunteer came by with a large selection of books and magazines last night; Have a lot of variety, good job)
* More privacy
* Let me know if the doctors are not coming in to see me
* Make the medicine time before 10am, otherwise waiting until 10am and don't want to bother nurses
* Tell me when medication time is when I'm in pain
* Activities for people who can't use their hands
* Add this service to Tate Center waiting rooms
* Coffee; vanilla pudding for diabetics
* More options (UNO; Puzzles; arts & crafts, making jewelry, sewing, embroidery)
* Beeping machines interrupting sleep
* Furniture not working properly/not comfortable (recliner, tray table)
*Visitor restrictions during flu season
* Confrontations with staff
* X-ray much later than told, not allowed to eat
* On 6th floor, patients screaming and staff not helpful
*Nicotine patch request ignored, oxycodone doing nothing for pain
*Too long of wait for discharge/need to be faster on the process

5 West Pain Management with Volunteers
Not At All 0
Slightly 0
Moderately 6
Very Much 51
Extremely 67
No Answer 28

-Extra socialization for patients
-Volunteers able to help with other requests (water/
snacks, fan, plug in cell phone, etc)
-Helps patients with boredom
-Distracts patients from pain
-More honest with volunteers (won't affect patient's
level of care)
-Extra help to correct issues on the spot
-More visibility for volunteer program (to staff and

Potential to Expand?

*Expand to PCU and 7 West? (already have volunteers discussing MyChart)

*Who is responsible for purchasing supplies? Every unit?

*Where will supplies be kept? Each unit?

* Volunteer challenges (high turnover, more volunteers, Lacey currently trains 1-on-1
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