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E-Learning Theory

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tasha foster

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of E-Learning Theory

Week 6 Presentation Assignment
My Individual Assignments

As an adult learner my motivation to reach my career goals has helped me to work through and complete my assignments. However, even with a great level of motivation the behaviors have to be demonstrated and used to get the work done. Motivation can be tested during cognitive overload and the balancing of everyday life.
E-Learning Theory
My Theory- Emotional Perspective: Motivation drives learners to be successful in e-learning. Understanding and seeing the benefit behind e-learning is key. Adult learners learn best when we are able to be hands on are able to demonstrate or use what we have been taught. I believe that behaviors drive our success and we control our success.

Presentation Assignment
AET 541
Tasha Foster
October 27, 2014
Dr. Gale Cosette
What I Personally Learned
During the Development of Resources
The Designer's Role
Analyzing feedback from facilitators and learners to determine what needs to be changed or left the same
Staying up to date with the advances and changes in technology
Creating designs that incorporate the use of technology in the classroom
Working with facilitators to try new and innovative things
How it supports behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism
How it Relates to the Theory
Learners adapt to environment and display behaviors that drive their success
study habits
time management
career goals
personal growth
sense of achievement
Learners can become overwhelmed with the amount of information they are learning and receiving. Emotional ties to the learning environment can help keep them engaged and motivated.
Understanding the different e-learning theories and how they impact and relate to learners
Understanding cognitive overload
Understanding the designers, facilitators, and learners roles in designing instructional designs
This relates to my theory because its states learners learn and gain knowledge based on their life experiences. Life experiences tie into motivation an reasons why knowledge is gained
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