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Types of Conjunctions

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Kristen Strother

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Types of Conjunctions

3 Types of Conjunctions

Watch to identify the most common coordinating conjunctions.
F- For
A- And
N- Nor
B- But
O- Or
Y- Yet
S- So
I like to eat apples _____ bananas for my snack.

Would you like to go to the store ______ stay home?

I like to go to school, _____ I don't like doing my homework.
Watch the following video and take note of some of the correlative conjunctions.
Independent and Dependent Clauses
-Independent clauses make sense on their own. They can be sentences on their own.
-Dependent clauses do not make sense on their own. They need an independent clause to make sense.
Types of Conjunctions
-Connects words, phrases, or clauses
-Use the acronym FANBOYS to remember them.
- Use a comma before the coordinating conjunction if it is connecting two sentences.
Notice that there is a
comma in the third practice sentence. This is because there are two sentences being combined by the coordinating conjunction. Can you identify the two sentences?
Correlative Conjunctions
- A pair of conjunctions that link similar words and ideas

Examples of Correlative Conjunctions
Most Common
not only....but also
just as....so
no sooner....than
Correlative Conjunction Practice
Write 2 sentences containing different correlative conjunctions. Share them with your partner.
Subordinating Conjunctions
-Used in complex sentences to join independent and dependent clauses
- The first word in the dependent clause
Examples of Subordinate Conjunctions
after, although, as, because,
before, if, since, than, that, though, unless, when, whenever
Practice with Subordinate Conjunctions
Write 3 examples of complex sentences with independent and dependent clauses. Trade papers with your partner and have your partner draw one line under the independent clause, two lines under the dependent clause, and circle the subordinate conjunction.
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