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1.9 Assessment 1 support

No description

Ryan Farrow

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of 1.9 Assessment 1 support

Unit 24 : PE and the Care of Young People
Pass (P1)
Merit (M1)
Explain the different ways that learning providers meet national curriculum requirements.
Assessment task 1
You are to write a report
Assignment 1
The structure of the physical education system
Pass (P2)
The impact of stakeholder views on the development of the physical education curriculum
Pass (P3)
Describe the ways in which the curriculum is implemented
To meet the
P1, P2, P3 - Describe

Paint a picture in words. Assume I dont know anything about this subject. Tell me what you have learned.
To meet
M1- Explain

Once you have described the subject, you will need to give further details and reasons why

Once you have explained the different qualifications in PE you need to state how they are different from another and how they benefit different learners ie GCSE and BTEC
P1- Structure of Physical Education

Early Years foundation National curriculum
Key stages 1-4

Difference in home countries
P2- Stakeholders Impact

Sector Skills Councils (E.g.)
SkillsActive, National Occupational Standards
and their role in curriculum design.

National Governing Bodies and their work with
children and young people in school

Describe PE and Sport Strategy for Young People
P3- Implementation of the curriculum

Using notes and
further Research
into what is required for each key stage of the national curriculum. Early Years foundation National curriculum - Key stages 1-4

Overall national PE curriculum overview (last weeks lesson)
Links with P3
How different schools meet national Curriculum requirements.

How do different learning providers meet the national curriculum
Mandatory and Optional requirements.

Range and content
- Providers choose to include 4 of the following activities at KS3 and 4

Difference between different examination boards and specifications -
why is their a choice?
(provide examples) links with previous point.

Different qualifications
in PE at Key Stage 4


Your report will also include an
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