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Ian Murdent

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Ian Murdent

Revolvers are a pretty cool gun. they have a good amount of firing chambers or "Charge Holes" in a spinning cylinder ; each chamber or charge holes holds a bullet shell.
Ithaca Gun Factory
Semi automatic pistols
Semi automatic pistols have a single fixed firing chamber machined into the rear of the barrel, and a magazine so they can be used to fire more than on round. Semi automatic pistols are legal in u.s. but when you get a fully automatic pistol you have an ilegal gun unless you are a state official.
First gun made
You can thank the chinese for the making of the first gun. They were the first one's to have gun powder. This gun that the made was called "The Fire Lance". But if you look at guns over time they have developed greatly and now are more (everything) Ex. powerful, cooler, etc.
The first gun i would like to explain is the (Glock). Glock's founder is Gaston Glock. Gaston is the engineer of the making of Glocks. In which are made in Austria and sent all over the world. Most are legal in New york but the G18,G25,G27 are all law enforcement only.
There are many types of Glocks
Types of glocks
Guns and how their made !
Ithaca made guns from 1885 to 1886
most of that time they had shot guns
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