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Biography of John & Thomas Knoll

No description

Steffie Cate Alipio

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Biography of John & Thomas Knoll

Creations John A. Knoll is an American
Software Engineer and a Senior
Visual Effect Supervisor at Industrial
Light and Magic. Though, John Knoll is
a professor at the University of
at the same time. Profession Family Career John Knoll was born on the 9th of February in the year of 1962 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Short/ Outlined Biography John A. Knoll Thomas A. Knoll Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. Released in the year of 1988. Adobe Photoshop Creators John Knoll created the very first Adobe Photoshop with his brother Thomas Knoll in the year of 1988. But their very first creation was Image Pro. John Knoll studied at the University of Michigan like his brother did. Father Glen Knoll, a professor in the University of Michigan Brother Thomas A. Knoll, his partner through the creation of Photoshop. Daughter Sarah Knoll Daughter Lisa Knoll Son Alex Knoll Daughter Jane Knoll Spouse Jennifer Knoll Creations Thomas A. Knoll is
an American
Software Engineer. Profession Career Thomas Knoll was born during the 1960s at Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. (we didn't find any specific dates) Short/ Outlined Biography Thomas Knoll created the very first Adobe Photoshop with his brother John Knoll in the year of 1988. But their very first creation was Image Pro. Thomas Knoll received his BS (Bachelor of Science) & PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at the University of Michigan. Family Daughter Son Father Glen Knoll Brother John A. Knoll Hannah Knoll Andrew Knoll Thomas Knoll was a PHD student studying Engineering at the University of Michigan. His brother
was working at Industrial Light and Magic. Thomas Knoll wrote a subroutine for a program to translate monochrome images on his monitor to gray scale. The successful subroutine led Knoll to create more and very soon he had a number of processes for achieving photographic effects on digital images. After his brother John saw what Thomas was doing, he recommended that Thomas turn what he was doing into a full-featured image editor. The combination of Thomas’ programming abilities with John’s pragmatic design background led to a collaboration between the two brothers
to develop more processes and improve on the initial application. Even though the process led to interruption in Thomas’ thesis work, the brothers released “Image Pro” in 1988. John suggested that they begin to sell Image Pro as an application. Within six months, the brothers had a partnership with a company that manufactured scanners, Barneyscan.They purchased 200 copies of the program to ship with their scanners. They called on Supermac and Aldus, but were turned away at both, a move that Aldus would come to seriously regret. Shortly after, the Knoll brothers struck gold when they won over Adobe management with their product, and formed a licensing partnership with Adobe that was to launch their software and Adobe into the stratosphere.
In February of 1990, Adobe 1.0 was released. Citations Created & Researched By:
Steffie Cate Q. Alipio & Emmjayy Quitaneg
The End (: http://web.archive.org/web/20000610210741/www.apple.com/applemasters/jknoll/index.html
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-NxcowYMM54Y/TzV0G7ca9cI/AAAAAAAAACU/dvnSvdVUUKU/s320/knoll_headshot_1.jpg Spouse Ruth Knoll
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