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School presentation

Tyler Sargent

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Diseases

Communicative Diseases The Common Cold This This dieseas is caused by over 100 different This disease is caused by over 100 different viruses. The most common (with 1/3 of the cases) is the Rhinovirus. Being stressed for long periods of time can increase the chance of a virus slipping through your immune system. Being chilled or cold does not: so feel free to go dive into some snow in some shorts and a tank top. Influenza A highly contagious
viral infection of the
respiratory tract. Most people recover within a week or two, but this disease can be life-threatening to elderly people and babies.
H Hello Mononucleosis This is caused by EBV. Specifiically, it is an increase in lymphocyte antibodies in relation to other antibodies. The symptoms of this disease start as a lack of energy and appetite with chills. Eventually this progresses to a severe sore throat, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. Escherichia A bacteria that lives in the intestines of humans and animals, most strains are harmless, but some can cause serious health issues. Coli Infections of this bacteria cause various problems with diarrrhea. Most people recover within five to ten days without specific treatment. However, certain people, especially children, can develop kidney problems and may require blood transfusion. Most recover fully, but it can be fatal. So in light of all this... ...remember... WASH
Hands !!!
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