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Housing Minions Consultant

No description

faheem shafique

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Housing Minions Consultant

Housing Minions Consultant

Quadrant Housing
Fund Raising
Bank Account Transaction
Group Members
Letisha Una Murree
Panduka Bandara
Sumayeah Ridah Hasib
Jeffrey Nduka
Ali Hamza Sheikh
Crystal Tang
Desmond Lau
Paul Lance
Mahesan Sinthujan

The Revolving Fund
Habitat For Humanity is facing problems in getting back the fund
Only 14% of the recovery rate
We have come up with recommendations which might help to alleviate the low recovery rate.

Employment Solution
Families in Malaysia have at least up to 3 or 4 children

Difficult to cover all the installments and payments from one source

Children and Mother could help by working part time

Stakeholders involved – Habitat, Associates and Family

Setting up a Webpage
Liaise with companies or households who need workers for small jobs

Companies or households could post work needed

Habitat can set up work for families who are interested

Family gets paid, and a commission can be given to habitat

Can make online payments to Habitat (PayPal, Debit/Credit cards etc. )

Jobs viable for Mother and Children
Ideal for 14 and 15 children: Drink Stand, Car Wash, House and Pet Sitting, Paper Route, Dog Walker, Make and sell crafts, chores for neighbours/help the elderly

Ideal for Mother and 16 and above: Baby Sitting, Animal Caretaker, House and Pet Sitting, Landscaping, Working Retail, handing out Leaflets, tutoring, collecting recyclable material, helping the elderly

What kind of families qualify for it?
How do we raise funds?
Contact major firms and ask for donations.

Put up donation booths and awareness campaigns in popular public places such as malls.

Join hands with other NGO’s and build houses in collaboration.

Hold fund raising events

Contact major firms and ask for donations
Companies such as banks and big business firms often have a sector called ‘CSR’ where they are interested in giving back to the community.

We propose to send volunteers to such companies with separate portfolios for the families requiring assistance and submit to different companies and philanthropists. This would enable the companies to directly offer the donation to the families.

If a family finishes paying his loan and decides to move, the house can be sold back to habitat which will then make it available for another applicant, this saves building and other costs.

Building such houses will help bring people together and thereby making a little community.

There is a huge savings on costs in building especially in pipeline and wiring, it doesn’t need to be done for each house like in previous builds.

Why would anyone give up their land?
As we all know, habitat for humanity is a non-government and non profit organization whose sole aim is to provide suitable homes for everyone by bringing people together to achieve that.

Sharing your land is also a way in helping and in return habitat gives you a discount on your payment and a more flexible payment scheme to suit you.

How it will get done?

Written agreement with the owner of the house, in which regular or monthly transfer will be made directly to the organization.

Aid in increasing recovery rate and also would be a much more feasible and easy process for the owner to pay off the loan

If employee finds a new job, salary would not transferred to HFH account.

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Finding employment for the mother and/
or children of age

Finding fixed organizations to give donations

Automatic transfer of the salary to the
HFH bank account

Building quadrant houses
(apartment with 4 separate houses)

Federal Child Labour Laws

Minors age 14 and 15 may work outside school hours in various non-manufacturing, non-mining, non-hazardous jobs

No more than 3 hours on a school day, 18 hours in a school week, 8 hours on a non-school day, or 40 hours in a non-school week

Minors age 16 and 17 may perform any job not declared a hazardous job or occupation, and are not subject to restrictions on hours

Solution Viable?
Put up donation booths and awareness campaigns in popular public places such as malls
Based on our survey if we keep a booth running by volunteers for about a week, with minimal costs we can earn up to RM 3000 per day. The booth would not only provide information about the families in need. This way along with funds we provide interested volunteers with information.

Join hands with other NGO’s and build houses in collaboration
There might be other NGO’s sharing the same interest as us. Looking for these NGO’s such as Junior Chamber International (JCI) that serve the same cause, i.e. to reduce the number of people living below poverty would help us gather more funds.

Collaboration would aid in attracting more patrons, earn us financial assistance which in turn would allow us to reduce costs for families having difficulty to repay the loan.

Possible fundraisers
How it helps?
Reducing building costs to an absolute minimal for families who, due to their personal expenses on basic needs they are unable to make payments.

By the support of donations and grants, we are able to reduce cost of the houses to below 20000 RM even, the less money a family owes Habitat, the faster the recovery.

As the meaning goes, quadrant means four. These are houses made to suit four families. They are very common in the UK and east Africa. Land becoming a major issue in this present time has led the development of this housing scheme to grow rapidly.

How it is done?
With the consent of the applicants, if they see fit, room and kitchen as this can provide more area to increase the size of the rooms, this can be done for families having more than 3 children. buildings can come with a shared living.

It can be done to contain 2, 4, 6 or 8 families
Architects are given opportunities to come up with architectural designs that cost less and conserves land area.

Transfer of salary directly from partners’ bank account to HFH’s bank account.

How we are making it work
It implies employment and a set percentage will be transfer to organization's account.
As to make it more secure a guarantee’s participates ; so that if not in-time from the employer, its been received from the guarantee's account.

Appointing volunteers
Provide internship programs if HFH don’t get any volunteers.

Participation of Swinburne students to do this internship as well as doing volunteerism.

After, assessing the suggested recommendations we conclude that the Bank-Account transaction is the most feasible strategy

Thank You
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