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Shopping Tourism (Option 1)

No description

Nur Amirah Azman

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Shopping Tourism (Option 1)

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What is Shopping Tourism?
Shop till you drop
Cross-border trip
Premium outlets
A day trip to New york for shopping spree
Who travels?
Average age 18 - 34 are men and women
Average age 51-60 are women
Average trip spend by motor coach $59/pax (1 day trip)
$500/pax (more than 3 days)
Average group size 2 - 50
90% Asian
85% European
Motivations, Needs and Expectations
Annual Shopping Festivals
Duty Free
Sandy's Bus Tour
Tour operators
Shopping Tourism
by: Nur Amirah Azman
Kimberly Barzola
Rick Shamin
Type of Tours
Continuous Trend...
Group that brings tourists to explore the designer outlets for intimate shopping experience

When shopping is the primary purpose of traveling
Not a 'tourist shopping' holiday
Cross-Border shopping trip
New York
Seattle Premium Outlet
Name Brands
Specialty Shopping
2-in-1 shopping tour
Shopping as the primary reason
Immerse in the shopping culture of the host country
Specialize for Cross-border shopping tours
Atlantic Tours
Offers 5 days shopping tour experience
Organizes Christmas Shopping tour
Taipan Tours
Organizes Midnight Madness Shopping Tour
specialty shopping trip such as Thanks Giving Shopping Tour
Thank You
Negative Impact
Environmental pollution
Generate income
Economic development
Capital sustainability
Positive Impact
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