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Chap 28 Taylor Chap 2 Iggy


Elizabeth E

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Chap 28 Taylor Chap 2 Iggy

Chapter 28 (Taylor)
Chap 2 (Iggy)

CAM/CAT vs Allopathic Therapies
See Table 28-1 pg 701

***Allopathic medical care has NOT been
totally effective in dealing with chronic

CAT: observation, experience, tradition

Allopathic: Evidence-based practice
Reasons for using CAT:

-improve their health and well-being
-relieve symptoms associated w/ chronic
-relieve side effects of conventional
-greater control over one's own health

II. CAT Catergories
-whole medical systems, mind-body therapies
energy medicine, biologically based practices
and manipulative and body-based practices

A. Whole Medical Systems
1. Ayurveda - India
-considers that balance among people, the
environment, and the larger cosmos is integral to
human health
-DOSHA (person's basic constitution)
{imbalanced by stress, diet, lifestyle)
-YOGA > a component of Ayurveda

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine
-Qi (flow of energy)
-Yin (cool, moist, dark), Yang (hot, dry, light)
{addresses a person's qi which flows vertically
in the body through 12 major meridians}
>used for pain, promoting adherence to substance
abuse programs, minimizing nausea and vomiting
-TAI CHI (Qi Gong)
>system of postures and exercises

3. Shamanism (Native Americans)
-illness and other forms of distress are thought to
originate in the spirit world

4. Homeopathy
-similar to immunization

5. Naturopathy
-a way of life
-emphasis on disease prevention by means of
consuming a healthy diet, exercise, etc.

6. Chiropractic Medicine
-Spine + Nervous System
B. Mind-Body Modalities
1. Relaxation
GOAL: Decrease SNS and
Increase PNS which
reduces the effects of
stress and stress related
Nurses can promote relaxation by
having the pt focus on their breathing

2. Meditation

3. Guided Imagery
ex: Ask the pt to close their eyes and
imagine they are on the beach during
an IV insertion

4. Prayer
-approach this cautiously

5. Humor Therapy

6. Aromatherapy
-ginger or PEPPERMINT for nausea or
upset stomach
-lavender or chamomile for insomnia
C. Energy Medicine Modalities
-Chakras (concentrated areas
of energy)
1. Therapeutic Touch (TT)
-the use of the hands on or
near the body with the intent
to help or heal
2. Healing Touch
-stimulate wound healing (I
believe this applies to TT too)
3. Sound Healing

D. Biologically Based Practices
1. Herbs
Ginkgo Biloba: affects platelet function
and thus should not be used while on
warfarin or aspirin

Garlic: Acts as an antiplatelet agent. Avoid
several days before surgery (risk of bleeding)

Ginseng: Observe INR with warfarin.

SEE Table 2-2 IGGY pg 10

2. Nutritional Therapy
Pt Education about CAT/CAM is essential.
Know what supplements/herbs they
are taking and how often they are
taking them.

By: Elizabeth Espinoza VVC
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