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peter fogel

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of WWE


The WWE championship was introduced in 1963. Buddy Rogers was the first ever WWE champion in WWE history. All of WWE's greatest wrestlers held the title like Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, John Cena and Thriple H. The WWE Champion is the most important champion in WWE today. And belongs to Monday Night Raw
The United States Title was originally known as the NWA United States Championship and was introduced in 1975. WWE legend Harley Race was the first ever United States Champion. In 2001 WWE bought the belt. The title originally belonged to SmackDown until the current champion Montel Vontavies Porter was drafted to Raw bringing the title to Raw.
The Intercontinental Championship was introduced into the WWE in 1979 when Pat Patterson was awarded the title after winning a wrestling tournament. Many great wtlers like Curt Henning, Y2J Chris Jerchio and the longest reigning WWE champion for the last 25 years CM Punk have held this great title
The NXT champion was first won by Seth Rollins defeating Jinder Mahal in July 2012. So far only 3 people have held the NXT Championship
. Seth Rollins
. Big E Langston
. Bo Dallas
NXT Championship
The NXT Tag Team Champion was introduced on January 23 2013 when Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville beat Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to be the first ever NXT Tag Team Champions. After that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were able to defeat Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey to become the second ever tag team champions.
WWE Monday Nigh first aired January 11 1993 in Madison Squar Garden. Raw has had over 1,000 episodes and is longest running weekly episodic show in hstory.
WWE Monday Night Raw
WWE SmackDown debut April 29 1999 and was originally taped on thursdays but aired on fridays. Smackdown is the second longest weekly episodic show in history right under WWE Raw
WWE NXT is the WWE's minor leauges. WWE NXT dubut in 2010 and was originally about taking 8 wrestlers from WWE'S old minor leauge show FCW and compete in a series of challenges and the winner would get a WWE contract. Wade Barrett won and came to WWE Raw. Today NXT is now a normal wrestling show for young wrestlers looking frward to going into WWE
WWE Friday Night SmackDown
NXT Tag Team Championship
The World Heavywieght Championship ( with an even longer history than the WWE champion ) was introduced in 1905 and the first world champion was George Hackenschmidt defeating Tom Jenkins in New York City, New York Smackdown's greatest wrestlers held the title like Edge, Batista, Undertaker and Ric Flair.
World Heavywieght
Intercontinental Championship
WWE Championship
United States Championship
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