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Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions

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Dylan Evans

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions

Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions
12th Century
Cow Example
which means cattle are a symbol of wealth, strength, and abundance. You're in the woods alone and you are starving near a field of cows. You know cattle is a sacred animal and it's your god, but your starving. Do you eat a cow to live, or do you die and save your soul.
Dylan Evans
An ethical dilemma is a decision that presents moral & an amoral decisions, some are easier to decide on than others.
My Example

Tree-ear is walking on the street and sees a man's rice fall out of his jiggeh , the man doesn't know he dropped the rice. Tree-ear is a poor man who needs to feed two people (himself and someone else) and does not have enough food. Do you tell the man that he lost the rice or do you let some of the rice fall out, pick it up and don't tell him that he dropped the rice?


It is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong
What if your religion was Hinduism
You are in a bloody war with the nation bordering you. You know that if you slaughter one of the other nation's major villages the nation will surrender. However, many innocent people will die. If you do not attack the village you risk losing the war. What do you do?
My example of an ethical dilemma is you find a large amount of precious metals in the woods you bring it home and your family has lost all of their money and their food.. do you trade the precious metal for food or do you keep it for your own pride?
-Logan Rhea
Dilemmas like this have affected us since the dawn of time. This does not only apply to war. You are fighting (verbally or physically) with a friend and you will win the fight if you bring another friend into it but you do not want that friend to get hurt.
An ethical dilemma is when you are making a decision and either decision you make someone will get hurt (maybe you) and the right thing to do is not obvious.
This prezi was made possible by,
Dylan Evans
Logan Rhea
Gavin Smoke
Hayes Whorton
Jude Hanson
One reason you might not eat the cow is that's its disrespectful and one reason you might eat it is because it will save you.
A Single Shard by Laura Sue Park.
My example
A particularly poor woman is carrying an infant with her, but a trustworthy family is offering to adopt the child for a cash amount that can last her all year. Her dilemma is to either give her baby to this family, probably afford a house, and never see her baby again. She could also decline the offer, teach the child to grow up poor and homeless, and the baby will still be in the security of his mother.

-Gavin Smoke
Hello JUde\

5 steps solving an Ethical Dilemma
Hayes W.
see what I did there?
I was just messing with you. It is the end of our (prezi)ntation
Courtesy of Hayes Whorton
In my own words
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