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You Got It!

No description

Nico Faustino

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of You Got It!

SM is where they bond.
Where families play a starring role.

Where families showcase their talents as a team

Where families out perform each other!
Everyday, we hear or read stories of Filipinos conquering the world with their talents. One proof of the abundance of Pinoy talent, is the many talent competitions on TV at present. However, not one showcases the talent of the Filipinos as a family unit.

You Got It! – The SM FamBam is poised to be “the search” for the ultimate talented Filipino family. With SM Supermalls nationwide as our audition centers, Filipino families can participate anywhere there is an SM Mall.

Imagine the the creativity, the inventiveness, the nuances unique to the regions where they come from.

We capture the drama, the challenges, the intrigues. We capture moments that will touch our audience in very special ways. We capture the fun.
Urban Dictionary defines FamBam as a close-knit family. A family who's got each other's back.

ember... that's

With 58 supermalls nationwide, is every Filipino family’s go-to-place not only for shopping but also for entertainment, dining, leisure and other lifestyle activities.

is where they bond.
Where families play a starring role.

Where families showcase their talents as a team

Where families out perform each other!
is where they meet up to FAMBAM.

To add another dimension to the brand of being a family go-to-place, we offer a show
that will touch our audiences
in very special ways
We capture the FUN
Imagine the fullfilment when a family is told...
“You Got It… and
You made it to the show!!!”
General Qualifications
Search is open to all Filipino families
Minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 family members
Participating families may also include kasambahays or house helps
Family pets are allowed if integral to the family’s production number
No talent routine should be harmful to the health and safety of any family member or the audience and show vulgarity and/obscenity.
Family must be willing to travel to Manila if chosen as finalists


There will be 4 phases leading to the grand finals
Audition Phase
58 SM Supermalls will become our audition
Cut-off Phase
Families who passed the Audition Phase will be asked to present their routine to our panel of judges. Only 16 families will be chosen at the end of this phase. All 16 families will be brought to Manila to compete in the Face-Off Phase.

Face-off Phase
By drawing of lots, 16 families are paired and pitted against another family. Only the winning families will move to the next phase.

Weekly Elimination
There will be a different challenge or theme given each week and 1 family shall be eliminated each week until we are left with 3 families who will compete in the grand finals.

There will be a panel of 4 competent celebrity judges.

A Mystery Judge will join the panel of celebrity judges during the Weekly Elimination Phase. The identity of this judge will be kept secret and only his/her synthesized voice will be heard during his/her commentary.

The Mystery Judge has the sole power to save a family from elimination.

We will reveal the Mystery Judge only during the grand finals. This additional element will add excitement and intrigue to the competition.

3rd Place
P250,000.00 in cash
P(X amount) 1 year’s worth of groceries
P25,000.00 worth of wardrobe for the family
Living Room Entertainment showcase

Because YOU Got It as the most talented FamBam, SM’s also Got It All For you…

2nd Place
P500,000.00 in cash
P(X amount) 1 year’s worth of groceries
P50,000.00 worth of wardrobe for the family
Dining and Kitchen Appliance showcase
P1 Million in cash
P(X amount) 1 year's worth of groceries from SM HYPERMARKET
P100,000 worth of wardrobe for the family
Full Home showcase (Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom) from Our Home and SM Appliances
Vacation Package from Pico De Loro
Life insurance from BDO or its affiliate
Scholarship/s for the children in the family in National University or any learning institution affiliate of SM
House or Real Estate property for the family from SMDC
Brand New Car
And, to highlight SM’s unwavering corporate social responsibility, the chosen charity of the 3 families that made it to the grand finals will receive the same cash prize as those of the winners.

To add to our shows equity, an ancillary branded award will be given during the grand finals through purchase voting. This additional incentive to participating families will be a great opportunity to add media value to possible major sponsors.

Viewers need only to scan QR Code printed on the receipt of the participating brand to acquire points which they can use to vote for the family of their choice.

The family with the highest number of purchase votes wins this special prize.
Total of 60 mins X 26 Episodes
Airing twice a week for 13 weeks
Michael V
Ogie Alcasid
Richard Gomez
Block Time or Co-Production with the Network
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