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Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the USA

No description

Vien Hua

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the USA

History 1915 1929 1964 1975 1971 Communion Prayer Apostolic Works Sacrifice Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society VEYS in the USA Purpose Educate youths to be virtuous people and good Christians.

Guide youths to understand Church’s mission to the World by engaging in the spreading or Good News, and be involved in working for the good of society through apostolate services, in serving others. Foundation Bible

Church Traditions Ideal Body of Christ – The Eucharist, center of our TNTT life Principles VEYS 10 Commandments 1. Morning Offering (Prayer)
2. Daily communion and visitation of the Eucharist (Adoring the Eucharist)
3. Sacrifice
4. Good example (Apostolic works)
5. Obedience
6. Dignity in words and deeds
7. Charity (generous heart)
8. Integrity
9. Fulfillment of the duty
10. Spiritual bouquet Methods of Training Natural Methods 1. Team work
2. Steps by steps
3. Enter the Desert
4. Activities
5. Meeting Spiritual Methods Bible
1. Sharing the Bible
2. Bible Periods of Time
3. Bible Environment
4. Living the Eucharist Day
5. Eucharist adoration
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