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The MOO in Brazil

Brazil and the growth of the cattle industry.

Kelly Don

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of The MOO in Brazil

Brazil's Background Brazil Now Environmentalists Alternatives "Got Milk" in Brazil GDP per capita:
Brazil is $11,900
Canada is $41,100 Brazil is the home of 80 million cattle
Canada is home to 1.4 million cattle Many organizations are trying to help to reduce deforestation.
WWF is a huge contributor. Winners Brazil and the ongoing cattle industry. Land size:
Brazil is 8, 514, 877 km2
Canada is 9, 984, 670 km2 Life expectancy:
Brazil is 69.24 for males, 76.53 for females
Canada it is 78.89 for males, 84.21 for females 214,000 square miles have been cut down to produce more cattle. Brazil Now Government Enforced the Environmental Security Force. Farmers and Exporters Currently allowed to to dodge fines for illegal logging Want all past land clearance regularized. Buyers JbS:
Slaughter 90,000 cattles a day
Employ 125,000 workers
Exports to 150 countries McDonald purchases 800 million pounds of beef a year just for its U.S operations. Indigenous People 90 tribes have been destroyed.
The World 100 million tonnes of methane is produced each year due to 2 million cows, sheep, and goats.
Affects global warming. Farmers Losers The government 1st alternative:
Government to set trade quotas. 2nd alternative: Spread more awareness of the issue of deforestation. Best alternative: Government interventions. "Finding a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability is a burden, and will continue to be a burden for future generations. But we must not give up but rather keep searching for greater solutions." The Amazon is considered the world’s lungs as they are the biggest carbon sponge in the entire world. By: Rock, Artan, Kelly, Vanessa Exporters Buyers Indigenous people Environmentalists The world Thank you. The Lorax. REDD Project is lead to spread awareness.
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