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How are representatives chosen to form a local government?

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jenna awad

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of How are representatives chosen to form a local government?

How are representatives chosen to form a local government?
Step 1: Nominating: Anyone who wants to run in an election has to fill out a form and get signatures from the community to support them.
Step 2: Campaigning: People running will discuss issues and their views for the city.They can go door to door, debates phone calls, social media, public meeting,and others...
Step 3:Preparing the polling station:People are hired to work at the polling stations(usually school).They set up and guard the ballot box.They need to take an oath of secrecy.
Step 4: Showing Eligibility to vote: Voters have to show government issued ID(drivers license, passport)before they can vote at the station.
Step 5: Casting and counting votes:There are 2 types of ballots. One is marked w/an ''X''(counted by hand)and the other is (counted electronically).
Counters or scrutineers count ballots/vote in far,honest,and democratic way.
Step 6: Declaring the outcome:A central election office is set up to collect results. The chief election official,returning officer, announces the
Local Government: Finding Your Way
What are some services that Edmonton's local government provide?
Some services are: local police, firefighters,local transportation, planning and development,public utilities,local health, libraries,education facilities, parks,recreation.
What are the responsibilities of the local government?

Some responsibilities for our local
government are:
fencing and fences
licensing of dogs
licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public
local sport facilities
municipal parks and recreation
municipal roads
noise pollution
public places
refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal
street lighting
traffic and parking.
Some of OUR responsibilities are making sure that when we are having a blast to remember to turn down the volume so that we dont distract others because we could get fined. One other example is that when you see a sign around dont ignore it because they are there for a reason!Also, obeying laws is one of the most important responsibilities of a citizen. Laws are made to maintain harmony in the city and to make sure that rights of all the citizens are respected. The police and courts have the authority to penalize those who disobey the laws.

Levels of Government
There are 4 levels of government.
Federal, Provincial,Territorial and Local.

Federal governments are led by prime ministers, and Parliaments.

Provincial and Territorial governments are led by Premiers,The Lieutenant Governor,and the Legislature.
Local or Municipal governments are led by mayors/reeves,councilors/alderman,directors, agencies, boards, and commissions.
What are some local services?
* water
* streets
* schools
* food inspection
* fire department
* police
* transportation
How does the government really pay these services?
The government pays using OUR house taxes+ some other types of taxes.
Some services are:
Why are these examples important?
Following the law is a must because everyone has to be equal and if someone isn't doing the right thing others will want to do the same.

Its not worth it getting into an accident just for not looking at a sign because you would get the blame for ignoring the sign.

Turning down the volume is something that doesn't happen much often but still does.Its not good to keep the volume up high because others can get you fined for that problem.
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