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Lucinda Childs

No description

Hallie Borns

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Lucinda Childs

Modern Choreographer Project
Lucinda Childs
Since Lucinda Child's birth in June 26, 1940, she had dreamed of being an actress. but after enrolling in a dance class, she started to love dance more. After she graduated highschool, she went to college. Majoring mainly in dance.
This is Lucinda Child's most famous dance called "Einstein on the beach."

Lucinda Child's steadily choreographed until 1968. She then took a break for awhile where she focused mainly on her own her own type of dance.
How she got discovered
She began her career as a choreographer and performer. Since she has collaborated with a number of composers and designers. She has also performed in major productions
* Obie award for performance
* Guggenhein Fellowship for creative arts
In 1973 she formed her own dance company. Since 1990s she has been active with opera as a choreographer and director.
What dance means to her
To Lucinda Childs dance is a vision of how we would all move in dance paradise. An endlessly flowing, sweep of simple steps.
After she opened her own dance company, she collaborated with Glass and Wilson on the opera
Einstein on the beach.
After that she choreographed many more productions.
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