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LP2: Growth and Evolution of eLearning

June 14

Britt Watwood

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of LP2: Growth and Evolution of eLearning

Introduction to Online Teaching Learning Path:
The Growth and Evolution
of eLearning

A Brief History of Humankind
Academic benefits…
four factors for academic success
©2011 EDUCAUSE. CC by-nc-nd
Makes Learning More Engaging and Relevant
Facilitates Connecting with Others
Gives Students Access to Resources and Progress Reports
Makes Students More Efficient
Learning more creative
Learning more fun
Think out of the box
More relevant to real life
More engaging
Elevates teaching
Reach academic potential
Take control of own learning
Extends learning beyond classroom
Prepares me for the workforce
Prepares me for graduate school
Feel connected to other students
Feel connected to professors/staff
Feel connected to what's going on
Gives me access to experts in my field
Helps me do my work faster
Allows me to produce higher-quality work
Efficient way to store examples of work
Makes college easier
Easy to track my academic progress
Helps me know how I am doing
Simplifies administrative-related activities
Gives me access to resources
Easier to get help when I need it
Avg. Agreement with Statements
ECAR Student study, 2013
key findings
©2011 EDUCAUSE. CC by-nc-nd
Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2000)
Writing appeared
around 5,600 yrs ago
Printing around 650 yrs ago
1 Billion by 2012

100K by 2001
Adoption Timeline
1 9 9 5
The Evolution =
Stephen Downes, http://halfanhour.blogspot.com/2012/02/e-learning-generations.html
A linear increase in a period of exponential change? Why?
Massive Open Online Course
Do MOOCs = Online Courses ?
What does this radical acceleration in adoption mean for higher education?
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