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Ruby Holler

No description

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Ruby Holler

Ruby Holler
By:Kaylei King
Sharon Creech

The Trepids
Mr. Z
Also in a patch of land called Ruby Hollar
Boxten Creek Home
Dallas and florda can not find the right home and are orphans
1 major event:

2nd Major Event:
One of Dallas's and Florda's adoption parent's threw them into a cellar and let them out the next day with no breakfast untill they dug him a well.
One adoption parent was nice but their daughter would come in at night and spit on Dallas and Florda.
Dallas and Florda found the perfict adoption parents that liked them for who thay are.Also the adoption parents did not miss treat Dallas and Florda.
He is thirteen years old and was abandoned by his mother as an infant and lived at the Boxton Creek Home for his whole life, except when he was adopted and sent back by families that saw him and his sister as trouble. He is very imaginative and silent, often letting Florida speak for them both. He often thinks situations will turn out for the best, although he is often proven wrong. When a resident of the Boxton Creek Home was dying, Mr. Trepid told Dallas to save him, but he fails and the child dies. He somewhat admires Z and is close friends with Sairy.
Florida is Dallas's twin sister. Like him, she was abandoned to the orphanage at a young age and was sent to many homes with Dallas and then returned, and the two are very close to each other. She is very bold and outspoken, and very hateful of almost everything. She often thinks that she and Dallas can take care of themselves, although she does sometimes show care for others. When Florida first enters Ruby Holler, she is very suspicious of Tiller and Sairy, thinking they will be like other families before. She does not know how to swim, which is unfortunate when she falls out of the boat on a rafting trip, although she knows basic CPR, which she uses to revive Tiller after his heart attack.
Sairy is an old woman who lives in Ruby Holler with her husband. She is very kind and compassionate, especially with children. She also is very trusting. Her dream is to have another adventure before she dies. She once lived in New York City, and Tiller wrote to her every week from Ruby Holler. Eventually she left the city and married Tiller. She has four children that are adults and have left Ruby Holler.
Tiller is Sairy's cranky husband. He is about her age and, unlike her, is distrusting and doubtful, much like Florida. He was born on a houseboat and then lived in Ruby Holler all his life. When all his children left, he planted a tree in their memory, but it is accidentally chopped down by Dallas and Florida. His plan is to build a boat with Florida and take a rafting trip down a river. During the trip, the boat falls over in rough waters and he suffers a heart attack, although he eventually recovers.
My Opinion:
I really liked this book because this book was a sad and happy adventure to read about. I can very much connect with the twins because they are like my sister and I. My sister and I look out for eachother and love eachother. I recommend this book to you.
3rd major event
In the orphanage a little boy was dying and Dallas was trying to help him. The little boy's last words were, " who am I."
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