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What does a school counselor do?

No description

Stephanie Long

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of What does a school counselor do?

Hi! I'm Mrs. Long Who is the school counselor? what does she do? here's a little about me I'm the new School Counselor for students Mrs. Long is here for everybody! for teachers for parents she can help with most problems... I love animals... I like to travel around the world. ...especially my crazy cats Jonan Colfax my favorite travel buddy... Here are some of my hobbies hiking cooking YOGA! Classroom Guidance! I'll see you each week for... Here are some topics we'll learn about... What about you?
What would you like to learn about? goals solving conflict friendship boundaries staying safe Let's brainstorm together! Why do we need a school counselor? Why would you go see a school counselor? HOW do I go see a the counselor? 1. Talk to your teacher
2. Talk to your parents
3. Leave me a message Use the counseling pass* *ALWAYS get permission before leaving class, the playground, or anywhere else you might be. that way your teacher will know where you are. the bell! Check yourself Relax and Focus Break Thank you! I hope to see you soon! When you get to the door, stop and check! If I'm not there, I will leave a note! Where am I now?
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