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Red Cross

Join the life saving community

Sajiv Maskey

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Red Cross

power of

What we Do?
*caring for people in crisis
*provide relief to affected victims
*reduce impact of emergencies
*aware of risks they take

*medical issues
Providing dwellings to home less people all around the world.
Red Cross
The aim

Providing Care
*strengthen communities
*prepare and respond to emergencies
Training communities

Being aware
We are
Red Cross
Who we support?

How we Make a Difference?
Why We Should Be Supported?
"Power of humanity"
donate blood
donate money

*international programs
*social inclusions
*immigration support
Events and Dates

*cooperate with societies
*reunite families
*protect civillians
*ensure economic security
If you donate blood it can save many lives
Helping ill people
We help the environment and animals
Algeria: Abdelkader and humanitarian law 28-05-13 to 30-05-13 Algeria
Events and Dates- Continued
One day careers workshop: working in conflict zones 06-06-13 London

If you donate money
it will help many people.
150 years of humanitarian action- A variety of events 2013 worldwide
Philippines: Red Cross award humanitarian reporting 2013,12-18-13 Philippines
Discussion about protecting civilians 18-03-13 New York
Careers talk: Doing good in tough places 20-05-13 Cambridge
Ireland: Women in war photo exhibition 23-05-13 to -30-06-13 Ireland
Workshop: Code of conduct and humanitarian principles 01-06-13 to 02-06-13 London
Discussion: The aftermaths and consequence of war: What will happen when the troops leave? 03-06-13 London
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