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A Hero's Journey

No description

Rebecca Duffield

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey

A Hero's Journey
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Approach to the Inmost Cave -
The Supreme Ordeal -
The Road Back -
Return with Elixir - "Freedom to Live"
Tests, Allies, and Enemies -
The World of Common Day -
The Call to Adventure -
Refusal of the Call -
Meeting the Mentor -
Crossing the First Threshold -
Reward - Seizing of the Prize
Threshold Crossing - "Resurrection"
Walter Mitty is a timid man who works as the Negative Asset manager at Life Magazine, which is facing drastic layoffs as the new boss, Ted Hendricks introduces Life magazine online
He's in charge of an archive of extraordinary images, documenting historic events, places, and people, but has never met any of them
Walter is a daydreamer so he's always zoning out into his own fantasy world instead of living in reality
He's attracted to an appealing coworker, Cheryl Melhoff, but does not have the nerve to talk to her (he imagines sweeping her off her feet as an action hero or mountain climber) Loss to express verbally
He hesitantly tries sending her a "wink" on eHarmony's website, but it was not able to send through because he forgot to fill out what he has done in his profile
The customer service rep, Todd, is informed that Walter hasn't done anything "noteworthy or mentionable" in his life
Mitty is put in charge of the cover photo for the last hard-copy of Life magazine which is mailed by legendary photographer, Sean O'Connell
He is also mailed with a wallet & a note that says, "Number 25 is my best ever, the quintessence of life, I think. I trust you'll get it where it needs to go, you always do."
Sean values his long time professional relationship with Mitty and entrusts him with that photo
However, photo 25 goes missing among all the photos sent by O'Connell
His job and his employee's jobs are put at risk if he does not find the photo
Mitty is afraid to venture from his shell
Hesitate about taking a bold step
The call to action for his co-workers' and Sean's careers in danger sends Mitty to exotic places like Greenland first then Iceland
Mitty throws away his mundane life to set out a quest in search of a missing negative
Uses a photo of a thumb, water, and a curved object from Sean to track down his location
With a new sense of hope, Mitty sets out to Afghanistan to get the negative and save Life magazine
Sean tells Mitty that the photo is in his wallet, but Mitty had thrown it out while his was at his mother's
He embarked on a global odyssey that required him to go beyond his comfort zone like riding in a helicopter by a drunken man, jumping into an open sea with sharks, and using his skateboarding skills from his teenage years down an oblique Icelandic blacktop
He met interesting people at each country that helped him on his journey
But back home, at work in New York, Ted Hendricks, his smug, bearded-boss lays off more and more employees & threatens to fire Mitty as they switch to being completely electronic
Faced his fears
Undergone a journey of self-growth
Stopped day-dreaming
He found courage and took a chance to achieve his goal
Saved Life Magazine
The eHarmony guy awakens Mitty and encourages him to jazz up his dating website
Cheryl inspires Mitty by saying, 'Life is about courage and going into the unknown."
Unspoken beckoning from Sean O'Connell
This combination of motivation fuels Mitty to find the negative
Ted Hendricks fires Mitty for not having the photo
All the employees are fired
Mitty still does not have negative 25
Seems to have lost all hope
Mitty's mother kept the wallet and gave it to Mitty
Mitty is completely transformed, he is more confident, outgoing, and had a lot of adventures
Stood up to the antagonist, Hendricks, and gave him negative 25 two days before print without looking at it
In Iceland, Mitty sees Sean in the distance of a volcanic eruption where he is taking photographs, but quickly loses him in the smoke
While moping over his failure at his mother's house, Mitty recognizes that one of the photo's matches up with his mother's piano
His mother mentioned that O'Connell had taken a picture of it
Also, his mother informed him that Sean was on his way to the Himalayas
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