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Family Tree

No description

weston goff

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of Family Tree

Family Tree
Weston James Goff
Born: 01/02/2002
Portland, Oregon

Howard Rulon Goff
Born: 03/22/1965
Murray, Utah
Barbara Ann McKay
Born: 04/12/1938
Died: 07/14/2009
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Earl James Hiett
Born: 02/08/1942
Etna, California
Beverly Jean Charity
Born: 04/27/1944
Nampa, Idaho
Estella Isabelle Bogue
Ernest Robert McKay
Born: 02/05/1908
Onlyville, Rhode Island
Died: 04/??/1976
Lois Jean Smith
Urban Wesley Charity

Born: 03/20/1905
West Jordan, Utah
Died: 06/14/1971
Born: 06/22/1904
Loa, Utah
Died: 05/10/1966
Norma Virginia Tilson
Robert Rulon Goff
Born: 02/27/1932
Midvale, Utah
Died: 07/14/2009

Born: 03/25/1885
Died: 05/15/1951
William Wesley Charity
Josephine Ann Harriet Charlton
Daniel Edward Smith
Ella May Russell
Pearl Case

Bradford, England

Born: 04/29/1879
Onlyville, Rhode Island

Born: 06/25/1898
Taunton, Massachussets
Died: 05/02/1937
Carrie Andrus
Robert Bradford Gardner
Edna Russell
Willard Elsha Goff
Allen Russell Jr.
Flora Ann Howd
Mary Elizibeth Kimbrough
Born: 08/20/1811
Rowan North Carolina
Died: 12/25/1851

Elisha Groves Goff
Jackson County, Missouri
Died: 07/16/1924
Born: 1901
La Pine, Oregon
Died: 1992
Born: 08/21/1923
Caldwell, Idaho
Died: 2011

Born: 02/08/1926
Ione, Oregon
Died: 09/02/1997
Born: 10/02/1870
Loa, Utah
Died: 07/03/1946
Born: 04/04/1862
West Jordan, Utah
Died: 03/17/1942
Born: 05/12/1884
Kirkman, Iowa
Died: 07/14/1973
Born: 07/29/1889
Warren, Idaho
Died: 08/03/1947
Born: 12/08/1897
Boise, Idaho
Died: 03/05/1956
Born: 02/07/1855
Parauan, Utah
Died: 02/13/1934

Born: 03/10/1848
Florence, Nebraska
Died: 10/24/1902
Born: 09/17/1872
Cresent, Utah
Died: 07/13/1940
Melanie Joan Hiett
Born: 11/10/1966
Anchorage, Alaska
Joseph Russell
Born: 04/05/1877
Otoe, Nebraska
Died: 12/27/1953
Ida Della Towner
Born: 05/26/1877
Boulder, Colorado
Died: 09/30/1952
Archibald Gardner
Born: 09/02/1814
Killsyth, Scotland
Died: 02/08/1902
Mary Ann Bradford
Born: 11/07/1831
Cotton Township, Indiana
Died: 10/24/1902
Born: 03/18/1899
Perry, Massachussets
Died: 03/15/1976
Theresa Lenore Gilson
Born: 12/05/1916
Berkley, Massachusetts
Died: 04/05/1976
Born: 08/05/1897
Clark, Missouri
Died: 04/05/1980
New Brunswick
James Edward Charlton
Born: 01/09/1863
Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
Died: 10/25/1932
Mary Susanna Shumaker
Daviness, Indiana

Thomas Charity
Born: 06/23/1863
Granthan, England
Died: 07/06/1907
Josephine Dotson
Born: 05/06/1856
Died: 11/20/1895
James Austin Hiett
Born: 1837
Died: 1901
Sarah Katherine Shaffer
Born: 1846
Died: 1889
William Ernest Bogue
Born: 05/22/1877
Lewisville, OR
Died: 1944

Born: 09/ 26/1848
Died: 01/21/1917
Job Scott Bogue
Earl Austin Hiett
My sister is named after her.
WWII Veteran with severe PTSD
before there was treatment.
Men back then went fishing in a 3 piece suit.
After her husband died, she traveled the
world by herself.
Registered for the draft in WWII at the age of
64. His birthday was 36 days past the cut off date
for registration.
Went to seek his fortune in the
diamond mines of Africa. He
didn't get rich, so he came home.
During prohibition he heard that a man
had been raided by the Feds. He
and a friend borrowed a nice car and
put on suits and showed up and took the "evidence". The still was still in the family when my dad was little.
Rulon Howd Goff
She grew up during the depression.
She always had racks of coats in all sizes.
My dad says she must have been cold
during the depression. Also, she always took in the "bad" kids in the family and cared for them until they were through their rebellious times.
Olive Elva Gardner
Norman Allan Tilson
Robert McKay
Susan Hillam Loxley
Born: 04/28/1882
Central, Utah
Died: 11/20/1936
Ran a large flour mill that still exists today.
He had 11 wives & 48 children.
This is our family's link with
Governor Bradford and the Mayflower.
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