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Sankofa Saturdays: The Formula

Though mainly focusing on using multi-media and/or technology use for documenting purposes, the ultimate purpose of Sankofa Saturdays is so much more...

D'Ajahni Estrada-Petersen

on 28 December 2014

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Transcript of Sankofa Saturdays: The Formula

“While learning about our past, we also learned to use digital photography, videography, web design/maintenance and social media including facebook, youtube, skype and twitter to document and share cultural events and happenings in our present, or of our past, within or related to our United Virgin Islands community.”
The Meaning of Sankofa
Sankofa Saturdays
Though mainly focusing on media or technology use for documenting purposes, Sankofa Saturdays experiences have provided:

• YOUTH with a sense of belonging, creative accomplishment, purpose and hope for future entrepreneurial or employment endeavors.
• ELDERS in the community with an extended sense of purpose in how they are allowed to further share their wisdom to the youth of the community simply through spending time socially or in semi-structured environments when the natural order of the village can be allowed to run its course between elders, youth and those in between.
• CULTURE BEARERS with an avenue for passing on their crafts,
• UVI students with an opportunity to spend meaningful time mentoring youth who may eventually follow in their footsteps either at the University or within the community.
Presentation by: DaraMonifah Cooper
and D'Ajahni M. Estrada-Petersen

This presentation provides an overview of the main intentions of the Sankofa Saturdays Youth Cultural Education Initiative implemented in the Virgin Islands. Life-changing aspects of educational activities promoting youth, community, the arts and cultural documentation/preservation helping students and their families strengthen their self-confidence will be creatively analyzed and discussed. The synthesis of sequential and developmental approaches for internationally applicable and inter-cultural equations where youth + elders + culture + arts + media/technology = cultural preservation will be evaluated.
Sankofa can mean either the word in the Akan language of Ghana that translates in English to "go back and take" (san=return, ko=go, fa= take) or the Adinkra symbols seen as our logo(s). It symbolizes one taking from the past what is good and bringing it into the present in order to make positive progress through the benevolent use of knowledge.
Students from various backgrounds and family support systems... of various age ranges and academic abilities with parents, mentors, elders and culture bearers. A situation where everyone learns from each other and the whole.
In a time when there are so many regular distractions within our community, this initiative was created to accomplish various objectives:

to supplement for the lack of or minimal availability of exposure to cultural education offered on a regular basis with in the general education curriculum during the week
to support other public, private, non-profit and governmental agencies in preserving our rich culture, the histories and crafts of our own culture bearers
to assist with preventative measures of ensuring that youth have a positive outlet for creative expression and exploration while providing entrepreneurial incentives, motivation, guidance, support and ideas
Printed Edu-tainment, Audio CDs*, Photo/Video DVDs, etc.
Mini print publications
Social Media
Live Streaming (UStream),
Local Youth Radio Program
Live Online Streaming (WUVI)
Virgin Islands Kwanzaa Seasons (Per Ankh, Inc. / Strength to Strength, Inc.)
Sankofa Saturdays
Little Learners (at CFVI The Family Connection), Youth Chefs (at Banana Leaf Bistro), Young Writers, African Music in Schools (at Gladys A. Abraham Elementary, with Addelita Cancryn Jr. High and for teachers and administrators through Mini-Quest on STT-STJ/STX), Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Web Design, Theatre, Doll making, Creative Writing and Performance, Audio Recording, Edward Wilmot Blyden Essay Contest, Radio Production, Photo Exhibits…
On Location: Kwanzaa, Bordeaux Fair, Carnival, Fortsberg 1733 Revolution Tour, Dollar fo Dollar History and Culture Tour, The Rock Lounge,
•Ghana (sponsoring a youth/community program/cultural exchange opportunity)
•Zimbabwe (communicating towards cultural
exchange initiatives)
•U.S. (networking with other like entities)
Policy Makers, Educational Administrators, Parents, Educators, Volunteers, Mentors, Transportation, Locations, Technology… of course funding.
Over the years, Sankofa Saturdays as been funded in part by the V. I. Academic and Cultural Awards Endowment, the Virgin Islands Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, the V.I. Lottery Youth Education Initiative, the office of the First Lady Mrs. Cecille deJongh and managed by Per Ankh Institute and KWANZAA365.

Sankofa Saturdays has also been made possible with support from: Per Ankh, Inc., Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands The Family Connection, Blanca Carr, Belina Gittens, V. I. Cultural Heritage institute, V.I Department of Education Division of Cultural Education, African Diaspora, Youth Development Foundation, Strength to Strength, Sister Sarah, Young Writer’s Camp, PJ Crosby, Tmeed El, Naptali, Wayne Frederick, Sandra Malone, Sally George, Neomie Toussaint-Williams, Jalani Horton of Griot Life Studio, The UVI Student Government Association “Black” Heritage Committee, The Writer’s Block, St. Thomas/St. John Library Association, Friends of the Public Libraries, Environmental Rangers, Pan-African Support Group, We Grow Food, Love Living, Natural Livity Kulcha Shop, UVI Office of Student Affairs, Reichhold Center, WUVI and many many more….
Innovative Multi-Media Communication & Public Relations
Normal media... is no longer normal:

Newspaper, Radio, TV and Word of Mouth!
Word of Mouth x Infinity = Social Media
Social Media & Phone Texting = "Virality"
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