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Freak the Mighty Poems

No description

Sammy Rivo

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty Poems

Freak the Mighty Poems

Knights and Dragons
Kings and Queens
Swords and Shields
Goblins and Giants
Robots and Robotron
This is what a glimps of Freak's mind is like
Swelling in knowledge
Dictionary and Chemistry
Words and Sentences
Sentences and Paragraphs
Paragraphs and Stories
A story never stops
It just sits
Freak may be gone and
Life may be short
But the story never stops
You cook you clean
You rest and work
You make everyone happy
You are a hero
Sadly your loss came
But you had prevailed with a man whom you have raised
By Sammy Rivo

You're sweet and shy
Big and Small
People overlook your mind
You are more than a big oaf
You are a man
A kind and gentle one
A Loving and large human
You are something else
You are

Grim Grim Grim
Oldy but a goody
Grim Grim Grim
Care for someone like me
Grim Grim Grim
Married to a Gram
Grim Grim Grim
It is okay
You may have some dismay
But at least you can pray
The drunken sailer with no boat
The pizza for christmas girl
You with the beat up apartment have saved the day
courageous woman
who will risk your life
for a future generation to come
You are a hero
The one whom is the drunken sailer with no boat
Sweet Sweet Gwen
Nicer than a hen and
Sweeter than a bunny
You loving little women
Who cared and mothered a disabled boy
Sweet dreams and you are sweet young woman
I decided to write poems about the characters of Freak the Mighty because I feel writing poetry is my strength and I enjoy it. I felt the characters needed to be expressed individually and being able to write a poem about each character seemed fitting. Luckily, the characters in the book have colorful personalities and I was able to use these traits in the poems.
The End
In Loving Memory of Freak the Mighty
I had a lot of reason's to why I chose to write the poems. First reason is that it just seemed the best option for me because nothing else suited what I like to do. I also did this because it is also a project that I have to work very hard on and I am up to the task.

The way I did this is first I decided to use prezi because it looked like a great website for power points and it will help make my poems look great. I wrote down poems and I copied it on to each slide. Finally I made any last minute adjustments and I completed my task.
Even with Beer and burned burgers
You still are a sidekick
but scared of the leader
Cigarettes on the breathe
while your mind trembles
with the smell of it
At least you are a savior
a smelly one at that

Killer Kane
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