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Community Manager job

No description

Rebecca Lam

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Community Manager job

You need someone who...
is passionate about online community
has major enthusiasm for IXL
loves talking to teachers
Understands educators
knows what teachers are worried about
"gets" our typical user
has insightful product knowledge
Looking for an excellent writer?
Need ideas for social media posts and stellar blog entries?

What IXL insights are we missing?
Here are 10 to start!
iPad app
Step-by-step explanations
Our new help center
Question types
Parent conference reports
New ELA content
Algebra II content
Printing tips
RTI reports
Parents and Common Core
and much more
Why am I the perfect fit?
Matt Mason, 6th grade teacher, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.
Our students, teachers, and parents love IXL Math!
Your program is one of the first things the teachers start asking about when the new school year starts.
A major bonus for us that you guys actually include the DoDEA standards (we frequently get left out of other programs/curriculum).
Stacey Wyatt, 3rd grade teacher, Fort Knox, KY, U.S.A.
Community Manager
Show me your ideas for new social media posts and #puzzles?
Here are few high-interest pieces I came up with:
9 Strategies for Motivating Students in Mathematics
Where In The World Do The Most Young People Use Technology?
Possibly The Best Math Chart Ever Created
5 Ways To Celebrate Connected Educator Month
Trim Recess? Some Schools Hold On To Child's Play
Edtech magazine's 50 best educator blogs
What can I do?
Write IXL in Action stories
Come up with engaging social media posts
Work with AM to fast-track testimonials
Round up guest bloggers
Find clever ELA and Math brainteasers
Adjust IXL for every level
For me, the big selling point to the students is the constantly updating performance charts I can project and update on my smart board while they are working.
The competitive level in my class is through the roof
and I'm actually having a hard time getting them to sign off when it's time to put the laptops away. They love it!
Customer Testimonials
the skeptic
the beginner
the veteran
is an excellent writer
Let's get real.
I need to see writing samples.
Can you write an IXL in Action story?
Can you write a blog piece?
Can you be playful and informative at the same time?
is a team player
Rebecca for Community Manager
Can I write about IXL features in a way that generates excitement?
Am I up to date on what is trending in the ed community?
Do I respond to customers in a way that is on-point with the product vision?
For all these reasons and more, I deserve a shot. What do you say? :)
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