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No description

Giselle Salazar

on 19 November 2014

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If you watch or mark the path of a gymnast’s center of gravity through a tumbling pass, it forms the shape of a parabola. The highest point of that parabola is where twisting, tucking or piking should take place.
Along a parabola life like a rocket flies,Mainly in darkness, now and then on a rainbow.

Andrey Voznesensky: "Parabolic Ballad"; translated by W. H. Auden, p. 113.
Description of the problem

Parabolas are huge in gymnastics in nearly every event. Parabolas and quadratic equations make up all of what gymnastics are about, to some this may not mean much but when it comes to gold medalists and champions you can come to the conclusion that parábolas really affect us all day and everyday in a huge and benefitial way.

All parabolas are vaguely “U” shaped and they will have a highest or lowest point that is called the vertex.  Parabolas may open up or down and may or may not have x-intercepts and they will always have a single y-intercept. 

Gymnasts are always jumping to make their performances so we graphed the body of a jumping girl and we found the vertex coordinates, the focus coordinates,right side and it´s coordinates the equation of the diretrix and the eccentricity of the parabola that the junping body forms with the help of the formulas seen in class
e= c/a,
(x - h)^2 = -4a(y - k)^2
because the parabola is downwards.

November, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Solution of the problem
In this project our purpose is to solve a problem from real life that will be about a gymnastic jump that is related to the topic seen in class “parabola”, because as we know when a gymnastic jump is done the body of the person or performer bends taking the form of a parabola, that is how we related the topic and our real life problem which you will see next.
Menchaca Chapa, Mariana ID: 1656950
Ponce Garza, Alejandro ID: 1660452
Salazar Resendez, Norma Giselle ID: 1659670
This project showed me the importance of math in almost every part of the daily things we do, in this case we used parabola related with gymnastics,I´ve never thought about it as a math related but we could see that when gymnasts jump backwards form a parabola facing downwards and I think is very unusual to relate math with exercise, I liked the project cause it made us learn more about parabolas but also gymnastics.
-Mariana Menchaca
In this final project of math I learned that the mathematics are almost in every single part of the world because gymnastics are related with the parabola because of some positions of the persons. I liked to do this project because when we where investigating we also found other uses of the parabola in the daily life. Parabola is such important in daily life and we can find many uses and solutions on it.
-Alejandro Ponce
In this final project I realize that mathematics are used in every single thing we do in our daily life, and I also understand that they are very important to do all the activities, and thanks to this activity I already know all the functions of the parabola and that we sometimes ask that in which kind of things we are going to use the topic we are sawing but I can realize that with this. Also I find very interesting how the gymnastics use math to perform the sport
-Giselle Salazar
• The equation in the standard form
(x - h)2 = -4a(y - k)2
(x -0)2 = -4(y -100)2

• The coordinates of the vertex
• The coordinates of the focus
• The length of the right side
• The coordinates of the points of the Right Side
The equation of the directrix
• Eccentricity:
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