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My Life Story

No description

Nahyun Ahn

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of My Life Story

1988 I was born in Inchun 1991 I got a my sister I entranced into an elementary school 1995 1997 I moved to Gunsan
I entranced into a basketball team I quitted the basketball 1998 MY LIFE STORY I entranced into a middle school 2001 2002 I had my first date with a boy 2004 I entranced into a high school 2005 I was in a band 2006 I took an university entrance exam I have durnk hard 2007 March : I was matriculated in KMU and I moved to Busan alone July : I had been to Mt.Geumgang I was a second-leader of student of English department 2008 Summer vacation : I have been a trekking across Korea 2009 I was second-leader of students council in International studies 2010 I am chairman of girl students council
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