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Capstone Day 3

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Capstone Day 3

Capstone Day 3
Do Now, PART 2 - Wednesday,
October 28, 2015
Black Death quiz TOMORROW!

Magna Carta make up quiz TOMORROW!
VP - Marketing
Readers' Cafe!

Today's Learning Objective
identify similarities
between the Black Death and Ebola by highlighting specific evidence in Document F (Ebola Virus Frequently Asked Questions) that
connects to information in the previous documents
Ebola, the Deadliest Outbreak Explained
Hello Scholars!
Please clear everything off of your desk except for:

Use the problems we identified in Columns B & C to fill out Column D: "What lesson can we learn to help the government prevent the spread of a deadly virus like Ebola today?"
Sentence Stem: Based on what happened during the Black Death, the CDC should.....
1. Capstone Packet
2. Highlighter
3. Something to write with!
Guiding Question:

What similarities are
there between the
Black Death and Ebola,
including how people and
reacted to both pandemics?
Annotation Guide
= Things that people actually tried to do during the Black Death

= Things that you believe people SHOULD have been doing during the Black Death
Finished early? Start working on
Page 12
Do Now - Wednesday,
October 28, 2015
CIRCLE THINGS that relate to one of the solutions you came up with on your own
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