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OL PH 223 29:4-7

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of OL PH 223 29:4-7

What is the magnitude of the charge on each electrode.
What is the capacitance
Two 3.0 cm diameter aluminum electrodes are spaced .50 mm apart. The electrodes are connected to a 100 V battery
you need a 50 microfarad capacitor, but don't have one. Yet you have many 30 microfarad capacitors.
how could you connect them to make a 50 microfarad capacitor?

To what potential should you charge a 1.0 microfarad capacitor to store 1.0 J of energy?
two 5.0 cm diameter metal disks separated by a .50 mm thick piece of Pyrex glass (k=4.7) are charged to a potential difference of 1000V. What are the surface charge density on the
There are a many options here remember:
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