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Presentation about wireless MIDI with mobile devices I gave at BatcampNYC5, Apil 18 2010

Tobias Weyand

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of DSMI

Wireless Music with Mobile Devices Tobias Weyand - me@TobW.net BarcampNYC5, April 2010 Computer Mobile Devices MIDI / Osc The idea: Synths (Reaktor, Reason)
DAW (Ableton, FL)
Visuals (vvvv, Quartz Composer)
Processing, Max/MSP, PureData Watever speaks MIDI or OSC! Software: Software: Instruments (Air Harp, DS MIDI Keyboard)
Controllers (AC-7, KaossDS, MIDI Motion Machine, Trixmix)
Sequencers (NitroTracker, DStep) Demos! So what is it, really? / / A server program DSMI Server (for MIDI only) A client library for iPhone
iPod Touch
DS http://dsmi.tobw.net & WiFi MIDI Writing an App with DSMI dsmi_connect(); dsmi_write(NOTE_ON, e.note, e.velocity); int main() {
... initialize ...

} int eventHandler(Event e) {
switch(e.type) {


} dsmi_write(MIDI_CC, e.effect, e.value); (using MIDI) AG-7 + Garageband KaossDS + Quartz Composer NitroTracker + Reason AC-7 + Logic by David Domingo http://www.flickr.com/photos/_sml/3010391541 Problem: This is boring! Great solution: The Wiimote Daito Manabe + TCY - youtube.com/watch?v=As-jKn1Mm0w Even better: Cheap Touchscreen devices! iPod Touch - 150$ (eBay) Nintendo DS - 90$ (eBay) iPad - 499$ ( ) All free and open source (LGPL)! MIDI or OSC? MIDI: + Supported by everything!
+ Very easy to use
- Inflexible
- Server required OSC: + Super flexible
+ No server required
- Very little support Wanna help out? Help port DSMI to Android, WebOS, Maemo! Thanks for your attention! Tobias Weyand - me@TobW.net Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike http://dsmi.tobw.net
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